Hey guys! So my name is Lizelle Cruz. I’m a 16 year old girl residing in the tropical shores of the Philippines. I named my blog “Exquisite Reminiscence” because I usually write about the important chapters of my life such as a new book I’ve read, a new movie I’ve watched, a concert I recently went to, a travel I’ve experienced, or just a simple thing that brings a smile to my face. What’s to know about me? Well most of my friends describe me as smart, not kidding. I’ve been on the honor roll my entire life basically. Call me a nerd, but then again my friends describe me as “chill”. Maybe because my achievements are a mix of pure luck I guess. Anyways, I find time to do other things aside from studying, whether it’s hanging out with my clique, or simply spending time alone in my room and trying to make this blogging thing work. I also like music a lot. I play the piano and guitar (piano mostly) and I do like singing…in the shower. I’m also a huge bookworm and you can make me read anything, whether it’s a textbook or a cheesy romance novel or a dystopian series, give it to me, I’ll read it. I can read fast too. Give a me great 500 page book  with huge plot twists and well-written characters and I’ll give it back to you in 2 days. Lastly, I really love writing. I treat my blog as my diary because I believe that good memories are meant to be shared with people and in this way, I can actually share the happiness I feel with others.

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