In The Mix Music Festival

What wouldn’t be the best way to enjoy the night than by listening to six acts perform live all night (with two of those being your fave bands and one of those being one of your fave solo artists) and jumping, screaming and singing your heart out until midnight? I experienced all of these last Thursday, August 18, 2016, during the In the Mix Music Festival at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Last hurrah before school starts

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The concert lasted for more than 7 hours, and featured Twin Pines, Elle King, Third Eye Blind, Panic! At The Disco, James Bay and The 1975. The show started at 5, and I got to the venue around 4:20. I waited for my cousin who was my companion in the concert. She arrived 30 minutes later due to traffic. Once we were together, we checked out the merchandise booth, and we bought James Bay signed albums!

We went to the 2nd floor of the Arena to buy some food, and we didn’t realize that Twin Pines was already performing. We weren’t really huge fans of them, but we decided to go to our seats and check them out first. Their songs were actually pretty nice!

After their set, my cousin and I went out again to actually buy food this time. While we were waiting in line, we can already hear that Elle King started to perform. Her vocals were really good, so as soon as we got the food we went back immediately to our seats. Overall, Elle King was really great and she seemed so down-to-earth too!

Next to perform to Elle King was Third Eye Blind. I know some of their songs such as “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Never Let you Go”, so my cousin and I tried to sing-along. As the end of their set came, my cousin and I were already jumping up and down because the act that we were most excited to see was coming next.

Panic! At the Disco was next, and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ve been listening to them since I was 11, and my cousin since she was 12 or 13, and hearing Brendon Urie perform live was a really unforgettable experience for the both of us. We were both jumping and screaming through most of the performances and it was the highlight of the night for us.

After Panic! At the Disco was James Bay!! My cousin and I became a fan of him late last year, and we think that his album is really good! He started the show really energetic (He also wore a jacket with Philippine colors which was really cool!) and even if he started a little late (He went out onstage around 10 pm!), his soulful voice and charisma made up for it! Here’s a video of his full set!

Last but not the least, the final act for the night was The 1975!! It was already 11:15, and my cousin and I were really tired already! But as soon as The 1975 came on stage, we forgot all our sleepy feelings and enjoyed!! The production was so great and they were really really really gooood. Here’s the video of The 1975’s full set which will be available on my channel soon:

We got out of the arena around 12:35 am, and despite the concert ending so late, leaving me and my cousin so exhausted and all that, it was indeed one of the best midnights that we ever had. Till the next concert!

still Craving for The Sound from this Victorious night #InTheMix

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31 thoughts on “In The Mix Music Festival

  1. That’s a lot of cool bands! It’s always nice to attend music festivals especially during the summer! I love the line-up and I’m sure you had a great time.

  2. thanks for these videos, that was almost as good as having been there – it has been a while since I have gone to a concert, always too busy, but maybe I should in the near future? Running off to see what is coming to Las Vegas in the next few months – blessings!

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