New York, New York: Last Day

Days 1, 2 and 3 are finally done. Now I am going to share with you what we did during our last day in New York, our last few hours in the States, as well as our arrival back in Manila. It was Monday morning, and my aunt and uncle (the ones from New Jersey) have picked us up in our hotel. We requested if they could take us to Brooklyn because part of my bucket list is to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. We got to Brooklyn around lunch time, and my Dad and I had to look for the way in order to get to the bridge.

If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere 🎶

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My aunt, uncle, and mom were parked somewhere in Brooklyn, and my Dad and I spent the first ten minutes looking for a sign that leads to the pedestrian lane of the Brooklyn Bridge. We finally found it, and the walking began. For the next ten minutes, we kept on walking and finally we saw the actual bridge. We walked for another 10-15 minutes then we were finally stepping on the actual bridge. It was tiring, and surprisingly hot, but seeing the beautiful architecture of the bridge was worth it.

A city filled with so many bridges #tbt

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We stayed at the bridge for around 20 minutes then we had to walk back again to where the car was. We decided to have lunch somewhere in Jersey City and on the way there, we passed by Manhattan again. We crossed the Manhattan Bridge (via car), passed by Chinatown and Little Italy too.

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We spent the next day in Jersey packing up the rest of our stuff, then around 5 pm, my aunt and uncle had to drive us to JFK Airport for our flight back home. On the way to the airport, we crossed more bridges, such as Goethals and Verrazano. We were also able to pass through Staten Island and Queens, thus, we were able to see all five boroughs of New York.

🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹

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The plane took of around 10 pm. The view of New York’s bright lights from the plane was marvelous and something that I would truly miss. After around 5 hours, we had a stop-over at Vancouver, Canada. As much as I wanted to get off the plane and step my foot on Canada, we didn’t, since only those who are bound for Vancouver can get off the plane. Save that for next time. After another 15 hours, we were finally back to Manila. Overall, this year’s trip to the US is by far the most exhausting trip that we had ever done, but is is hands down the most unforgettable. Till next time xx


26 thoughts on “New York, New York: Last Day

  1. It’s not nice to have the last day! Especially in New York it would be great to stay for really long time 😀 I like Chinatown a lot. Somehow the atmosphere feels kind of familar for me even though I never been to China.

  2. New York is so much fun! I haven’t checked out Little Italy yet, so I’ll have to do that next time for sure!

  3. What a stunning last day, but that bridge must be HUGE. Such a long walk and then you still weren’t at the actual bridge. Your description was fabulous, I felt like I was there, tired and a bit grumpy!

  4. what a great trip you had. I really enjoy the video and it feels like I am the one who tour the place! I have never been to New York but I am really eager to visit this place someday.. if only my time and my budget will permit me haha
    thanks for giving us a quick tour and I’m pretty sure you guys had a blast here

  5. I am glad you had an incredible time here in the US! And it’s nice that you were able to cross things from your bucket list. The bridge is breathtaking isn’t it? Always worth the journey!

  6. It really must be unforgettable. New York is a huge city and has many parts. I would love to visit Manhattan, Chintatown and Brooklyn. Also, I am in love with bridge architecture. Ever since I’ve seen the one in San Francisco I am fascinated.

  7. Liz, I love your post you always have unique contents, you’re photos from Brooklyn are pretty amazing keep up the good work

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