Feeling the Love in ‘The Lion King’

Part of our third day in New York was watching ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway. It’s a musical based on the Disney movie of the same name, the third-longest running and highest grossing Broadway musical of all time, and it’s famous songs include ‘Hakuna Matata’, ‘Circle of Life’, and ‘Can you Feel the Love Tonight’. Before we went to New York, I have been discussing with my parents how much I wanted to watch something on Broadway, no matter what the show was. Since I already watched Wicked and Les Miserables in Manila, I suggested to watch Phantom of the Opera since it is a classic Broadway show and the prices are reasonable. With my parents not being huge Broadway fans, they knew that Phantom was really dramatic and long so they wanted to watch something upbeat, which is why we booked for 3 tickets to ‘The Lion King’ instead.

broadway baby

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Three days later, we were already in New York, ready to watch the 3 pm show of The Lion King. Luckily, the Minskoff Theatre, which is the theatre where ‘The Lion King’ plays, is only across the hotel where we stayed. We presented our tickets and went through security, and minutes later, we were outside the actual theatre.


There were lots of cute merchandise like Simba stuff toys, shirts, and more. We didn’t buy souveneir items though. We just bought some snacks and drinks (which come in ‘The Lion King’ tumblers!). I was also really satisfied with the tickets that we purchased because we had really good seats.


Soon enough, the show was already starting. I was really excited and the show was unlike any show that I have seen before. The cast was really interactive as some of them entered from the doors behind our seats so we were able to see some of the cast members up close. The production was also amazing and the show really kept everyone hyped and enthusiastic.The singers were also really good and everything was just great.

Finally able to fulfill the top spot of my New York bucketlist #broadway 💕

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Overall, I was really happy with my first Broadway experience and I would be starting to save money right now because I am looking forward to watch more Broadway shows in the future!

Here is also my video of our third day in New York!! (Click to read my post on our first, second, and third day)


25 thoughts on “Feeling the Love in ‘The Lion King’

  1. I’ve heard so many good reviews about The Lion King and it’s awesome that you were able to watch it! I’m glad you enjoyed the experience.

  2. Oh what fun! The Lion King on Broadway, actually anything on Broadway would be a highlight of my life and the Lion King has such fabulous music.

  3. That must have been a lovely experience! I’ve seen Lion King in London and it was great, even though it wasn’t my first choice. I was so positively impressed:)

  4. Heard and watched the cartoon but hearing of this one made me read through and yes its a great show, stage and all was perfect.

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