A Wedding Video!

Hey guys!! It was my parents’ 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday and I just wanted to share with you the gift that I made for them. It is a video montage of their renewal of vows ceremony held in The Little Vegas Chapel last May. Enjoy watching!! (Read Parts 1 and 2 of our Vegas trip as well. And if you want to know about our experience of the wedding, feel free to click Continue Reading below!)


A few weeks before our trip to the States, my dad already knew that the ceremony was a must-do. He made me search for possible chapels in Vegas that had a reasonable rate for ceremonies. I came across the website of The Little Vegas Chapel which was located on The Strip, meaning we had easier access to the place since we stayed at Bellagio.

When I checked their rates, it was really reasonable! The most basic traditional ceremony was around a hundred dollars, which was cheaper compared to the other chapels I searched.

Then, I decided to look up wedding videos of couples who had their ceremony at The Little Vegas Chapel, and I felt the solemnity of how they presided their weddings. We decided that this was the perfect chapel to do it so my dad booked a slot and had a downpayment of a hundred dollars.

(We got the $300 dollar package which allowed camera phones, included 10 free photos from the photographer, an official wedding video and a bouquet)

When we got to the Little Vegas Chapel, we were greeted warmly by the people there and they helped us in preparing for the wedding. The pastor (Reverend Jim) was really friendly and accomodating. He presided the wedding very well and I truly felt how special this was for my parents.

Overall, I really liked The Little Vegas Chapel and I would highly recommend this place for your future Vegas weddings!!


16 thoughts on “A Wedding Video!

  1. That’s a very sweet notion, to renew their vows while they’re on the trip with the family! I think it’s really romantic and it’s nice that they were able to do that without spending too much.

  2. A beautiful gift 🙂 I love how technology allows us to make things like this that have so much sentimental value 🙂

  3. We have limited data out in the country, so I couldn’t watch the whole video. Your parents look so young to be married 25 years! That’s an achievement these days! Congratulations to them. So sweet of you to help them with it. I’m sure it meant a lot to them.

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