From the West to the East

Now that the Vegas part of our trip is done, our next destination was Orlando! I was really looking forward to this place since all the great theme parks such as Disneyworld and Universal Studios are here, and ever since I found out about the tragic incidents that happened in Orlando recently, I felt really disappointed about what happened. It really saddens me that innocent lives would be taken just because they chose to be who they are. We should treat everyone with the same love and respect regardless of gender, race and beliefs. As Lin-Manuel Miranda said in his Tony Awards acceptance speech, “Love is love. It cannot be taken away or swept aside.” However, I still wanted to hold on to that part of Orlando that is bright and happy so I decided to continue with this post.

From Vegas to Minneapolis

Our flight from Vegas to Orlando was at 6 am, so we had to be at the airport by 4 am. I was really tired and sleepy, but a cup of hot chocolate and a sandwich helped in brightening my mood. We had a 2-hour flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a stop-over, and it was really cold compared to the dry and hot desert of Vegas!

Minneapolis Airport

I actually had a slight fever in this flight, but I just kept on going because I was really excited for what’s to come. We got to the Minneapolis airport around 2 pm, and we only had an hour to stay in the airport before our connecting flight.

Plane view ✈

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After a couple more hours, we were finally on the other side of the States! We landed in Orlando around 6 pm and we had to go to the car rental office of the airport. (Orlando has the biggest car rental service in the country!). My dad rented a car for us and then he drove towards our hotel (with the help of a GPS, Waze, and my assistance haha). It was a little bit scary at first because it was my dad’s first time to drive internationally, and all the cars were waaaay faster than us.


Luckily, we were able to find our hotel which was located in the Disneyworld Complex. We stayed at Hilton Lake Buena Vista Hotel, and it was a really nice hotel! We just rested during the evening in order to prepare for the next day: Magic Kingdom!


We left the hotel around 9, and it was sort of a long drive to Magic Kingdom. It was the biggest theme park in Disney World (which had 4 theme parks), and this was the place that I was most excited about in our trip.


We were able to get tickets to the park online a couple of days before we went to Orlando so once we got to the park it was fast. Once we parked the car, we rode a tram that would take us to the ticket station, then from the ticket station you can either ride a ferry or a train (for free) to get to the actual park. (Yup, the park’s that big).

Dreams do come true

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Once I got inside, my eyes got watery and I truly felt the magic of Disney. As seen in my video above (Part 2 will be posted this Saturday!), I rode some roller coasters like Barn Stormers and the Big Mountain Railroad, and we also tried a lot of attractions in Fantasy Land such as the Little Mermaid Journey and Enchanted Tales with Belle.

speeding through the mountain 🎢

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I was also able to watch the Flights of Fantasy Parade which is held daily at the park at 3 pm. For the rest of the stuff we did at Magic Kingdom, stay tuned for my next post!


23 thoughts on “From the West to the East

  1. Oh wow. You were in transit for 12 hours? I guess that’s a small sacrifice to get to the happiest place on earth! 🙂

  2. That’s such a tiring flight but it was definitely worth it! I’m sure you had a lot of fun at Disney World! Savor the moment and take lots of pictures!

  3. Me too I am very disappointed considering Orlando is meant to be the land of magical dreams so sad. Still although the flight was tiring the Magic Kingdom is on my bucket list x

  4. So much fun! I have wanted to book a trip back to Disney for the last year or so and you are making me want to move that up on my bucket list! Love these great snaps! And so glad you had such a nice time! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  5. DisneyWorld and DisneyLand are on my bucket list ! DisneyLand first as Paris is closer than Orlondo ! One of my dream to go there at least once !

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