Waking Up in Vegas Pt 2

For the continuation of our stay in Las Vegas, I’m going to talk about what we did during our third, fourth, and fifth days.( If you want to read about the first part, you can click here!) For our third day, we actually devoted half day to visit Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, so we got back on the strip around 5 pm. Since the bus we took dropped the riders off at their respective hotels, I was able to see other parts of the Las Vegas Strip.

(You can check out the video above to know more about our stay)

The next day, we decided to check out the various hotels and resorts that are located on the strip, and we sought to visit Bellagio’s neighbor, Caesars Palace.

Caesar’s Palace has a Roman theme to it, and being a fan and reader of Roman mythology, I really loved the design of the place, plus, I was able to recognize the different statues of the Roman gods that were displayed.


Caesars Palace was named after Julius Caesar, one of Rome’s greatest emperors.

"I came, I saw, I conquered." -Julius Caesar

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The hotel also has replicas of famous Roman landmarks: it had a mini coliseum and also had several fountains, such as a similar Fontana di Trevi which is orginally in Rome.

When in "Rome"

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Next, we went to Luxor Hotel which is at the Southern part of the Strip. Luxor had an Egyptian theme: The hotel itself is shaped like a pyramid, and there is a huge Sphinx outside.


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Afterwards, we had dinner at Planet Hollywood again, but this time at PF Chang’s because we were craving for Asian food (specifically, we were craving for rice).


For our last day, we used it as a time to get some rest and finish packing since our flight the next day was at 6 am. We just went around Bellagio for the last time, but we did eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant at Planet Hollywood: BURGR. I was happy that I was able to eat at his restaurant since he’s my favorite chef and I always watch him on Masterchef in my free time.

Gordon Ramsey's burgers are 👌👌👌👌

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That’s it for our Vegas trip! I’ll be posting soon about our day trip to the Grand Canyon and as well as the next parts of our vacation.


17 thoughts on “Waking Up in Vegas Pt 2

  1. Las Vegas is one of the best places to go to for food trips and various activities. It’s really hard not to have a good time while you’re there!

  2. Every time I hear about vegas the Katy Perry ”that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas” song plays in my head, lol.
    Seems like you had a great time!

  3. Cesar’s Palace looks very impressive. I believe that everything else in Vegas is very impressive also. It’s astonishing how they’ve recreated all the major touristic attractions of the world in one city only.

  4. I was in Vegas two years ago and fell in love and you have brought the Vegas blues back on. My favourite restaurant is STK in the Cosmopolitain, it’s pricey but worth it! Your pictures are fab, hope you had an amazing time.

  5. OMG Vegas one of my dream everything looks crazy there ! Definitely on my bucket list ! Your post makes me want to go even more ! Haaaa ! so many places to visit in this world 🙂

  6. Looks like you hit all the iconic hotels and even got a chance to eat at Ramsey’s restaurant (very jealous about that by the way!)…I’m curious though–Was the food actually good, or was it mostly just hype?

  7. I personally have been to Vegas too. And have been to the hotels you’ve visited. What I didn’t went to during my visit was the Grand Canyon which I really wanted to see. Plus, I have to go back for the Disneyland Hollywood. I didn’t go during that time because I wanted to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain instead for the duration of my U.S. visit. -Me-An of http://yogoandcream.com

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