Waking Up in Vegas Pt 1

After our 3-day stay in Los Angeles (Click to read Parts 1 and 2 of my adventure!), we headed to Vegas. Our relatives brought us to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) at 11 am so that we could catch our flight at 1 pm. We rode at Delta Airlines, and the plane was really comfortable (a lot of leg room!). We arrived at Vegas around 2 pm, and the airport itself had the Vegas feels. The airport had a casino inside, and there was a huge “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign that greeted you once you get there. You can check out the video I made above to know more about the first part of our Vegas trip.

Bellagio Hotel Lobby

Someone from Bellagio Hotel and Casino (the hotel where we stayed) named “Dave” or “David” I think, picked us up and helped us with our luggage. As he drove us to the hotel, he was also really accommodating enough to give us a tour of Vegas and give bits of information as we passed by famous streets and buildings.

The Garden at Bellagio

As we drove, I saw the different parts of the Las Vegas strip! The strip is a stretch of famous establishments along Las Vegas Boulevard, and each part of the street has its own “theme”. For instance, they had a Paris section which had the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, there is a New York themed area, and Bellagio had an Italian theme.

Waking up in Vegas 🎰

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After twenty minutes of driving, we finally made it to the hotel, which was luckily at the center of the strip, meaning, it was easier for us to access the different parts of the boulevard. I was impressed by the ambiance of the Bellagio and it had a pretty nice smell too. (I didn’t even smell the smoke in the casino even if there were people smoking.) Once we got to our room, I was really overwhelmed by the view of our room. (Look at the pic above!)

Coolest fountain show I've seen

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Our view was the Las Vegas strip, featuring the famous dancing fountains of Bellagio. The fountains had a special presentation every half hour in the afternoon and every 15 minutes in the evening, and it showcased the different complex movements of the fountains being accompanied by music.


Since we were still really tired from all that has happened in LA, we spent the next few hours sleeping, finding ourselves waking up around 10 pm. The late night didn’t stop us however, with Vegas still having bright lights all across the strip, we went out and explored what Las Vegas has to offer.

Vegas midnights

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We crossed the boulevard and decided to eat at Planet Hollywood Hotel, which was near the Miracle Mile shop, the longest array of shops ever, it’s so long that it could reach a mile! We decided to eat at Planet Daily’s inside Planet Hollywood, and the food was really good. The staff was friendly too, and they are open 24/7!


Just like the one in Paris

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The next morning, we went to Paris Las Vegas Hotel, and it truly felt like France!

There was a replica of the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe, and the interior of the hotel felt like you were walking in Paris.

Les streets of "France"

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We also checked out Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. We weren’t able to go to the observation deck though due to lack of time.

To see what we did in the succeeding days, click here.


14 thoughts on “Waking Up in Vegas Pt 1

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time. I love Vegas and used to visit often when l lived in Los Angeles. Incidentally, l have stayed at Bellagio as well (years ago when it first opened) and had that view 🙂 .

  2. The colorful designs at the ceiling of Bellagio Hotel Lobby is beautiful! It has different colors yet the whole decoration looks unified. There are so many places to visit in Las Vegas. I would want to visit the “Paris Section.” It`ll give me a glimpse of Paris itself. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Looks like you had a ball! Based from the photos you shared, it seems Vegas is more beautiful at night. I specially liked the Bellagio dancing fountain photo.

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