Visiting the City of Angels Pt 2

Here is a continuation of my experience in Los Angeles! If you want to read the first part, click here. You can also check out the video above to see more of what we did and where we went.


Our next stop was Griffith Observatory which is said to have a nice view of the Hollywood sign and the best view of Los Angeles.

The hills of Hollywood

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It was a bit of a long drive because we really had to climb the hills to reach the observatory. It was really cold, but it was all worth it since we got to take pictures of the Hollywood sign at a better angle, and we were all mesmerized by the beauty of the view of the city. (It is the top image in this post!)

Live from The Grove 😂

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Afterwards, we went to The Grove to walk around and to have dinner. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory. The waiting time is a little long (around 30 to 40 minutes), but the place had a fancy ambiance and the food was delicious! The servings were also huge and their famous cheesecakes are absolutely the best!



While waiting for our time to eat at Cheesecake Factory, we stopped by the Original Famer’s Market for ice cream.


Salted caramel & chocolate chip 🍦

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We actually fulfilled all the places on our LA checklist on our first day! So on our second, our relatives who live there suggested a few more places we could check out.

I was freezing in this pic

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Our first stop for that day was Malibu Beach. It was really really reaaalllyyyy cold, but we managed (barely) to take some pics and check out the view.



Next, we went to Santa Monica Pier which had a theme park in it. My cousin and I rode the roller coaster and it was really fun!

Santa Monica

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Afterwards, we went shopping at the outlets, and I bought a lot of cool items that are so expensive in the Philippines for a really reasonable prize!

The next day, our relatives just brought us to the airport for our flight to Las Vegas. I felt really sad and my mom shed some tears because our time with our relatives in LA was finished so fast. Nonetheless, we were still hyped because we would see our relatives soon as they would visit the Philippines and we were looking forward to the next part of our trip.




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