Visiting the City of Angels Pt 1

After five years, our family is finally going to have a vacation in the US again! The last time we went, it was a really long stay – almost a month, and we we went from the West Coast (LA, San Francisco) to the East (New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC). Although that was very very tiring, I looked forward to the day that I could come back to this place, and the dream came true! Above you can see the video that I made during our visit to LA, the first leg of our trip. The others (Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Orlando, New Jersey and New York) would follow soon. So here’s what happened during our first few days in the US:


Our flight to Los Angeles was on May 5, 2016 at 9 pm. We rode on Philippine Airlines, and the plane flew at 10 pm due to air traffic. Despite the delay, I made the most out of my 13-hour flight by watching the movies that were available at the plane (Philippine Airlines has a lot of entertainment options to choose from such as movies, TV shows, games and songs, and they’re complimentary!), and of course, sleeping.

Menu for the flight to Los Angeles

Our flight also came with lots of meals! We had a wide variety of dishes, and we had the option to choose for a Filipno or Western dish for our main course.


Finally, after 13 hours of sitting on the plane seat, touchdown! We made it to Los Angeles around 8 pm of May 5. We first went to immigration, then to customs, and finally the adventure began!


We (me and my parents) were fetched by our aunt (my mom’s sister), her brother and son (my uncle and cousin) and I was touched because they brought a bouquet of flowers for me and my mom and a balloon that said “Congrats graduate” for me!


Our relatives from LA took us to dinner first, and we ate at Mayflower restaurant in Chinatown. It served really great Chinese food, and they served the meals really fast! Well, it was most probably because we were the only ones eating there since we ate around 10 pm already.


After dinner, they brought us to our hotel to check in. We stayed at Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles, and we had a nice room! The service was also good, and overall we had a nice stay at the hotel.

Staples Center and Microsoft Theater in Downtown LA

We woke up early morning the next day, and while my mom had a shower, my dad and I decided to stroll around downtown LA. We walked for an hour, and we actually reached Staples Center! We were also able to pass by the Grammy museum and what I found really cool was that the walkway outside the museum showed the list of the Grammy winners of the major awards (Record, Song, and Album of the Year and Best New Artist) for each year. (It looks similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame)

Downtown 🌁

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Afterwards, we went back to the hotel because that was were we would meet my aunt and cousin as they would bring us to the other attractions of the city.

Stars everywhereee 🌟

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Our first stop was the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. It has the famous stars of the celebrities on the street, and it is also home to the El Capitan Theater and Chinese Theater where movie premieres are held.


In front of the Chinese Theater, there were hand prints and foot prints of the stars of famous movies, such as Daniel Radcliffe’s, Emma Watson’s and Rupert Grint’s prints for their blockbuster franchise Harry Potter.

Burger stop 🍔

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Afterwards, we had a quick stop for lunch and In-N-Out, a famous burger joint in the West Coast.


Then, we headed to our next destination which was Beverly Hills.


Also known as “90210”, Beverly Hills is known to be home to a number of Hollywood Celebrities and the famous Rodeo Drive showcases a variety of designer brands and shops. It is also where the movie “Pretty Woman” was set!

When you can't afford to buy anything so you just stand there..

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We still went to a lot of places after this and you can read about them here!


18 thoughts on “Visiting the City of Angels Pt 1

  1. When I visited LA I didn’t like it that much, while I loved Hollywood and Beverly Hills. It sure does get better if you travel with locals like you did with your relatives!

  2. Wow, great post ! Very fluent to read and so interesting to see your journey. The video is well made, I like the music and the montage is simple but efficient, it’s not cliché like those Windows Movie Maker videos. Must have taken some time, well done ! The pictures are also very beautiful, which camera did you use ? I’ve never been much into LA but you make me wanna visit now ! Haha 🙂

    1. Omg thank you very much for the conpliment! I am glad you liked the video, but the irony is I actually did use movie maker hahaha…for the pictures I used my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Thanks again!!

  3. LA looks like a sure visit your pictures are just awesome. Chinese Theater where there were hand prints and foot prints of the stars of famous movies is so fascinating we would love to visit and check it for ourselves.

  4. I love the caption on your last photo! I’m sure that’s what I would be doing on Rodeo Drive too!

  5. Looks like you had a blast . LA is magical, and I cant wait to see it again. I really don’t think there is another place like this on earth . Thank you for taking me back and refreshing my memories

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