Afternoon Tea Party

Macarons, Scones, and Club Sandwich

A few weeks ago, me, my parents, my aunt, and my cousin went shopping at EDSA Shangri-La Mall to buy stuff for our upcoming respective trips: my aunt and cousin for Japan and us for the US (I am waiting at the boarding gate right now while writing this!). After a ton of walking and looking around for stuff, we got super tired and hungry so we decided to eat. I suggestef eating at TWG Tea Parlor since I’ve been obsessed with tea lately and I wanted to try the restaurant’s dishes.


TWG can be located at Level 2 of the East Wing of Shangri-La, and it is found at the middle of the walkway. It is enclosed by glass walls and is decorated by tea-related ornaments.


I ordered Pesto with Vegetables, my dad ordered grilled burgers with fries, and my mom ordered the afternoon tea set which consisted of macarons (you can choose from TWG’s variety of flavors), scones, and ckub sandwiches.

Tea party 🍵

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Of course we had to order a pot of tea and we went for the Geisha Blossom Tea which was really calming for me. Also, the unique thing about TWG’s dishes is that all their meals are infused with tea.


Overall, I liked the ambiance of the place and it is a great and new way to enjoy tea. Hope you guys can try this out soon!



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