Adventures by the Sea (Pt 3)

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For our third day in Boracay, we did the usual thing we did for the past two days: have breakfast at Discovery’s buffet, swim at the beach, etc. But we decided to do a little more than the usual, so we headed out of the resort and did a little shopping. By the way, here’s my video of our Boracay trip so I do appreciate if you guys watch it!!


We headed to D’Mall which is an outdoor shopping center at Boracay. Here we were able to buy trinkets and gifts for our friends and family who didn’t live in the Philippines. We were also able to each lunch here, then afterwards, we headed back to Discovery Shores to swim.


For our last day, we just enjoyed the beauty of the beach for the final time, but it was already short since we had to be at the airport by noon. However, I didn’t really feel that the trip was cut short since it was really fun and a great way to relax from all the stress from school. I would really like to commend Discovery Shores for being so hospitable during our stay and I have never stayed at a place where the service is top-notch and the staff would do anything to make you feel comfortable and at your best.


I also appreciated our country’s tourist spots more and that we should encourage more people to visit these beautiful places because they are something that we should really be proud of and it would help a lot to our country. Really can’t wait where else this summer would take me. As of now, all I have to do is to make the most out of it. 🙂


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