Adventures by the Sea (Pt 2)

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Day 2 at Boracay and we enjoyed what the beach had to offer! We started our day with a buffet breakfast courtesy once again of Discovery Shores. There was a variety of food to choose from, from continental meals to pastries and fruits to local dishes. Afterwards, we posed for some pictures at the beach then we tried the different water activities that can be done!


My dad and I went kayaking in the morning. It wasn’t our first time, and every time we go to a beach it is really on our to-do list. Luckily, when we booked a room at Discovery Shores, it came with a complimentary kayak session so we made use of it.


Despite the number of times that we already went kayaking, we were still excited this time because we just recently bought a GoPro for the trip, and we were able to use it during kayaking. Finally we were able to have great shots instead of the typical asking someone on shore to zoom in a camera to take our pic.


Afterwards, we took a tricycle (5-minute ride) to Diamond Water Sports. It was a stall on White Beach that accommodates water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, etc. Parasailing is one item on my bucket list, and I really wanted to do it. I availed of a parasailing package worth Php2,5 00 (it gets cheaper when you have someone with you) that comes with the ride to the area, the gear and all that stuff. After I signed my waiver, we rode the speedboat that would take us to the station in the middle of the sea that would accommodate the parasailing stuff.

Parasailing checked off the bucketlist

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Once we got to the station, we waited for another boat that had the flat surface at the back which is perfect for parasailing. Once I got on the boat, the assistants told me the basics such as the signals to do if I didn’t want to get any higher and others. Once I was all strapped up and attached to the parachute., I was ready to go.


It was really cool. I didn’t really get scared (well I’m not really afraid of heights hehe) but I enjoyed the feeling of being up there for 15 minutes, enjoying the magnificent view of the sea and the island.


Afterwards, we went back to our hotel. Remember in my previous post wherein I said that Discover Shores offered a better room for us to move in? Yup, we transferred to a room with a better view and location when we got back. We had the view of the pool, and it took us only less than five minutes to reach the beach from this new room.


After fixing our stuff in the new room, we went swimming in the pool, watched the sun set again at the beach, and had dinner. That’s it for Day 2!


15 thoughts on “Adventures by the Sea (Pt 2)

  1. I have heard great things about go-pros so glad you were able to take it with you on your kayaking trip. The pictures are gorgeous what an idyllic sea adventure.

  2. It’s been years since I last been to Boracay. I bet it looks very different now. Our favourite hotel was called…Friday’s, I think. I don’t even know if it’s still there!

  3. Oh my God, what fantastic photos! I loved parascending when I did it. I even convinced my hubby to do it on our honeymoon (bit unfair of me as he hates both heights and water but hats off to him, he did it).

  4. Looks like you had great fun and the Go Pro has definitely help you get some of the awesome pictures. Though we havent tried kayaking yet but its on our to do list.

  5. Boracay looks lovely and it seems to be a lot of options for activities around. I would love to be in a kayako on those clear waters. And even if I am afraid of heights, I would like to try the parasailing

  6. Parasailing in Boracay! what an amazing experience and the smile on your face tells me you had a blast ! Got to put this on my bucket list

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