Contrasting Worlds

Most probably you guys must have watched Deadpool and Batman v Superman right now, but I’ll still post my review of the two films. With Deadpool’s comedic side and BvS’ sort-of dark side, there is no doubt in saying that Marvel and DC are definitely two contrasting worlds. Just because one is opposite from the other doesn’t mean we have to pick which is better. Most movie critics rigorously compare the two franchises from each other, but why favor one if you could just love both? Yes, with that being said I will be writing about my positive insights on these two films, my love for Marvel and DC, and as well as my anticipation for Civil War!!

Deadpool was released earlier and I think I watched it in late February. It revolves around Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) , a former special forces operative. He meets Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin) at a local bar and they fell in love. As time passed by and they were ready to settle down, Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Wade was approached by a mysterious recruiter offering him a cure for his cancer if he undergone some lab experiments. He initially refuses, but thinking that he wanted to spend more time living, he went with it and it wasn’t what it thought it was. He was tortured until his mutant genes would react and after a bunch of suffering he had undergone, Deadpool was born.

So, Deadpool is really not your typical hero. He hurts people and is willing to kill for the sake of revenge. With this, there are a bunch of scenes in the film that are bloody and gory, but nontheless, the scenes really give you that thrill especially when Deadpool fights somebody. Also, I have never watched a superhero film that made me laugh so many times. Deadpool’s comedic aura really made the movie worthy of watching. (KUDOS TO RYAN REYNOLDS YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU EVEN MORE). Overall, Deadpool was a really great movie!!

On the other end of the pole lies the story about the ‘rivalry’ between the Son of Krypton and the Bat of Gotham. The movie starts off with a scene between Superman (Henry Cavill) and an enemy in the city, damaging Bruce Wayne’s (aka Batman, played by Ben Affleck) office building and killing his loved ones. That sparked an anger in him which evoked him to confront Superman someday since he sees Superman as a threat to humanity. Superman, on the other hand, also views Batman as a threat with his dark activities. The rivalry was also being pushed further by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenburg) who considers himself an archenemy of Superman.

To be honest, there was a sort-of monotonous plot in the first half of the film, featuring the serious and dark world of the characters. But then again, do not compare them to Marvel. DC is its own world and they just have a different way of presenting their world and their heroes (Though I think Superman should have more light in him don’t you think?). Nontheless, the scenes were really action-packed and climactic, and I didn’t really see some of the scenes that came!

For the characters and actors, casting Ben Affleck was one of the greatest choices ever because he slayed as Batman!! Really hope he gets a stand-alone movie for the role. Also, I personally think that the hero who stole the show was Wonderwoman!! (Gal Gadot). She brought this strong woman image that was really great in the film. Also, we were introduced to the other heroes who would be part of the Justice League such as The Flash, Aquaman, etc. Those heroes seemed really interesting and I’m looking forward to see these heroes more. (Though I really hoped that Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash in the TV series, would play the role in movie but oh well I’ll just stop the rant lol)

Now that I am done fangirling sharing with you guys my points of view for both films, just wanted to say how excited I am for Captain America: Civil War!! It’s the superhero film that I’m most hyped about since Age of Ultron (You can check my review here) and it’s part of my Marvel Movie Challenge! I really can’t wait to see the avengers all in one film again but with a twist of events since they’ll be against each other. Hope it’s gonna be epic (#TeamCap all the way!!)


18 thoughts on “Contrasting Worlds

  1. Great review. I haven’t seen either movie yet–I’m a busy dad of four girls–so my time is limited. These to movies have been on my list. However, now I really can’t wait so see them!

  2. I’ve still not seen either! Im so bad at keeping up, I will see movies a year later haha! I am dying to see Deadpool as it’s been raved about, the other one not so much I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews!

  3. I have not yet seen Batman vs Superman, but I have seen Deadpool. Both my husband and I really enjoyed Deadpool. I am sure that it doesn’t hurt that we have both already been Ryan Reynolds fans for several years!

  4. I’ve watched both and loved both. It’s so nice to see someone who embraces both worlds, and doesn’t compare these two movies and universes in a negative way. Yes, they have different vibes, but each one is good in its own way.

  5. Hey I did a review on both movies as well and I completely agree with you, Marvel and DC are two different worlds but they shouldn’t be are war with each other, they should both be loved and respected.

  6. I’ve heard raving reviews about them, but I also haven’t watched either one of them. Now that I know that Wonder Woman stole the show, I have to go see it.

  7. I haven’t watched any of these 2 movies but I did hear a lot of bad reviews for the Batman vs Superman movie. I was very disappointed by the last Batman movie (the one with Christian Bale) and it sort of made me don’t want to watch other Batman movies, haha.

  8. We have not seen Batman vs Superman as the reviews were not as expected but after reading this it seems that we can watch it once for sure. And also Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War are in bucket list 🙂

  9. I call myself a comic lover and I haven’t seen either of these films yet, been so busy as of late. I’ve heard that deadpool is hilarious but it’s bad reviews for batman v superman. I’ve got high hopes for both films when I see them, thanks for your review!

  10. It`s like deadpool is dancing through the script. There was not a single moment I felt like being bored. I think it`s because all those monologues he had in order to enhance the storyline.

  11. Now I’m interested in watching the two movies. I’ll watch them and come back with my thoughts. I didn’t think they were interesting until I read this.
    Thank you.

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