Thoughts on Love

Hey guys, happy hearts day! So yeah, it’s Valentines Day and I’m single haha. But I did spend an amazing date with my bed, my readings for tomorrow’s exams, and of course, I would not neglect this blog. I was checking out some of my favorite bloggers and they take time to post their own pieces and writings on their sites so I decided to do the same. I would just like to share with you some thoughts that I just wrote today:

What is love really? Is it the giddy feeling that makes you have butterflies in your stomach? Is it the warm desire that you feel every time your significant other is nearby? So many ideas, so many misconceptions, no one can really give the concrete definition of love. How come? Because love comes differently to different people.

But enough about what others think, what are my thoughts on love? Well how could I give a right answer? I’m only 16, I never had a boyfriend! But trust me, I had my few insights on love here and there and this is my take on it:

Love is the best and worst feeling in the world. It is the feeling that starts a spark in your heart, and when you fall in love, that spark ignites a flame that burns so bright. However, it is also the feeling that can make your heart shatter to a thousand pieces.

Love makes you feel all sorts of emotions: happiness, grief, anger, loneliness, hope, fear, bravery, and so much more. Many people fall in love at once because they want to experience a fantasy, their own “happily ever after”. Others on the other hand, are afraid of the mere concept of love. Why? Because having your heart broken is something that can ruin you.

So back to me. Am I willing to fall in love? Definitely. I look forward to the day where I lay my eyes on a guy who would be the start of my journey to pure happiness. I would meet the guy, and we would start out as friends. Then hopefully that friendship will turn into something more, and we would both be the happiest people in the world. Sounds like a typical love story, I know. But I want my own fairy tale too.

Yes, falling in love can be scary. I know heartbreak is inevitable, but why am I willing to feel such a thing? Because that is the beauty of life: having your heart broken only to find that one person who would mend it. That’s how love works. You feel it, risk for it, get hurt from it, lose hope in it, then find that guy who would make you once again believe in it.

As of now, that guy isn’t here yet, and I have no idea when or wherr we’ll cross paths. All I have to do is to be patient and hope that he will come. I will just have to wait and see.



8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Love

  1. Enjoy your time alone as it will be something you might miss later on when you are joined at the hip with your companion!

    Take things one thing at a time, trust me you’ve your whole life ahead and precious time alone is what we all look for 🙂

  2. Love is such a great thing that it is won’t getting through so much pain. Not loving at all is worst than having your heart broken.

  3. Ah love. The power that makes the world go round and round and round until it makes you dizzy. 😛

    Love entails pain so don’t be afraid to love. The pain is worth it.

    I do hope you find your true love soon. 🙂

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