New Year, New Theme

For the past 21 months that I have been blogging, I thought that my theme was the one. It fit my needs and I thought that it looked aesthetic enough for a blog. Till I scrolled through new WordPress themes and found a betrer one.


My theme used to be Hemingway Rewritten, and if you checked out my blog before you can see that once you get to my site you are greeted by a large header with my blog name. That design has bothered me for a while since I took up in Empowerment Techonologies (E-Tech) Class that the site banner should not take over the whole page.

So I was browsing through new themes during E-Tech earlier since we were asked to make a whole new blog. (Which I shall feature here once I am done with it). I came across the Toujours theme and tried it out for my Etech blog. I fell in love with it, and being the selfish gal that I am, I used the theme for my personal blog and decided to look for a different one for my class blog.

Overall, I’m really happy with the outcome. I asked a few family and friends and they love my new theme. They said that my blog looked classier and aesthetic compared to before, and I agree! I also love the featured content option where my featured posts have a slideshow. It makes my site livelier.

Have thoughts on my new theme? Feel free to comment below!


15 thoughts on “New Year, New Theme

  1. Hey! Welcome to blogosphere world. As time goes by expect that your going to change your theme for the better. This time the theme you use is more responsive and it suits your niche. Great pick!

    1. There are more options and customizations with premium!! I suggest that if you have a lot of experience with layouting, go with premium, but if you are still quite new to blogging like me, the free ones would do just fine 🙂

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