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2015 was a big year for music. New bands, new artists, a whole bunch of new albums, and rising new genres. Being a music lover, I had come to love the different songs that the music industry had offered for the past year, and I would just like to share with you my favorite albums for 2015.

Badlands by Halsey

Halsey is one the newest rising indie pop artists of todah. Her soulful and unique voice is intriguing and the powerful meaning behind her songs makes her a great artist. She is also a great person full of charisma and personality in concerts and interviews. Surely looking forward to watch her live someday. Aside from her famous singles “Colors” and “New Americana”, my favorites from her album would be “Hold Me Down” and “Hurricane”.

Sounds Good Feels Good by 5 Seconds of Summer

My favorite pop punk band never fails to impress me with their music. With this album being their 3rd, 5SOS will surely go a long way. The album’s singles include She’s Kinda Hot and Hey Everybody, but my favorites would be Castaway and Safety Pin.

Purpose by Justin Bieber

I am not a Belieber, but I have to say that I am impressed with Bieber’s latest album. Bieber is back you guys. His voice is better than ever and his songs will be stuck in your head! His album has a lot of hits such as What do You Mean, Sorry, Love Yourself, Where are U Now and The Feeling (my fave!!)

Made in the AM by One Direction

Of course my favorite boy band is in the list!! This would be the boys’ first album as a four-piece and the album before their hiatus. A soulfux mis of pop and rock, the album is one of the best and ai am proud of the boys since their vocals have really improved a lot!! Looking forward to more from them after their break. Aside from the singles Drag Me Down, Perfect and History, my favorites would be Love you Goodbye and Never Enough.

25 by Adele

And Adele is back you guys!! After a sort of long hiatus, Adele is back with a new album and mesmerizing vocals! The album will surely give you goose bumps and I also smell a Grammy nomination in the future. Aside from the famous poeer ballad Hello, my favorite would be Bridge Over Troubled Water.

There you have it!! Want to share your favorite albums and songs from the past year? Post in the comments below! xx


13 thoughts on “2015 in Music

  1. Wonderful selection. I’m a mom of 20s and a teen, and I love One Direction. Love that my daughter does, too! And, of course, Adele. 25 is fabulous!

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