My Attempt to be a Manicurist

Since I was able to watch the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, I still have the hype about it so I attempted to do Star Wars Nail Art last month, particularly the iconic blue and red lightsabers. The results weren’t really perfect, but I decided to share with you how I did it because let’s just say I was a little resourceful.

Things we need? A base color, preferably black, but since I didn’t have any I used dark blue. Then we also need to have neon pink, neon blue, and silver colors, as well as a clearless top coat (which I also did not have haha). I also used toothpicks to decorate the lightsabers on my nails.


First step: Apply the base coat and let it dry. The results would be much better if you apply a clearless top coat after a few minutes then let everything dry.


Seocnd Step: Once the base is dry, get a toothpick, dip it in the neon pink nail polish, and draw a diagonal line from the lower left to the upper right portion of each nail, then let it dry. Afterwards, with the neon blue polish, draw a diagonal line from the lower right to the upper left part of the nail, forming a cross. Let everything dry.


Third Step: On the lower ends of the cross, apply silver lines on it with a tootpick, forming the handles of the lightsabers. Apply a clearless top coat, and let everything dry.

Voila!! The nail art is done!! I took around 3 hours to complete it, but the design got destroyed after a day haha. So I still recommed going to a professional manicurist for it, nonetheless, if you want to experiment with nail polish, go ahead!


10 thoughts on “My Attempt to be a Manicurist

  1. They look cool! Check some nail art online – there are great simple things that you can start doing! I always make my own nails and they last for 7 days, more or less. But it’s all a matter of pratice – and luck!

  2. Cute design for your nails! I like to try different colours and combiantions and add some flowers or something for my nails but unfortunately I need to leave that for a pro – I can just add a few layers of polish but nothing else, have tried so many times but the result has not really been so nice 😀

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