Sundate with Dad

About a month ago, my mom went to the northern part of Metro Manila, sprcifically Quezon City, to attend a Christmas reunion with her friends. While she was having fun there, my dad and I decided to go around the shopping centers there, and as well as try the city’s iconic food hubs. Being from the South, it was sort of a new adventure for me and my dad.


First off, we went to UP Town Center, the mall there. My dad and I tried to be “healthy” for once, and tried out an organic restaurant, The Clean Plate. We had Caesar Salad for appetizer, then Shrimp Gambas and Beef Steak with Brown Rice for our main courses.


Afterwards, we went shopping around UP Town. I finally finished my Christmas shopping there! Since most of the shops are high-end, I would recommend shopping at The Stockroom which is a store full of trinkets and useful items. I was able to buy a totebag with The Beatles print on it! (You can see the bag on my New Year post)

Butterbeer + Snitch Ganache

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To end the day, we went to Maginhawa Street, an iconic street in Quezon City known for having a lot of restaurants. We tried out The Nook Cafe, which was Harry Potter inspired! We ordered Butterbeer and Chocolate Snitch Ganache, and they were really good! After the trip, I realized that the north was a cool place to be in, and I hope that I get to go out there more often xx


27 thoughts on “Sundate with Dad

  1. Sounds like you and your dad had a great day out. Love the idea of Harry Potter themed café and the little snitch ganaches looked fab!

  2. Sweet bonding with your Dad. Father-daughter activities can serve up a dual dose of girl-glee and dad-delight to your bonding time and no matter what activities you have the fact that it gives you great moments and sweet-true father-daughter relationship that will last till the end.

  3. Sweet father and daughter relationship. I haven’t experienced that with my father though. I envy your sundate! I’m a fan of Harry Potter too.

  4. I love days spent on eating good food with people I love. This is one ideal day. I’ve been to The Nook with my friends and I enjoyed every moment of it because I’m a Potterhead. 🙂

    I’ve got to try that organic resto though. I’m into healthy food and cozy places. Thanks for sharing that now I know where to visit next. 🙂

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