Happy New Year

Celebrating the coming of the new year was a blast for me and my family! Despite me starting 2016 sick with colds and literally no voice at all (which I shall explain in this blog post how it happened), I still managed to have a fun New Year celebration.

New Year's Eve with the Virays 😊

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We started our celebration on December 31 with my mother’s side as we went to our aunt’s house for a gathering. We ate lunch and dinner there, and we also played a lot of games! We had relays and we also played blackjack, but by group! Me and my cousins formed one team, while the adults were separated into three additional groups. Same rules as normal blackjack apply, but then the prize was split among the team members. My team won the first round, and as the game went by we got more hyped and even started screaming when we announced the number we got!


Our aunt also rented out a karaoke set which was maximized by me and my older cousin, Ryner. I already had colds and sore throat by this time; however, this did not stop me from belting out my favorite karaoke songs (old Maroon 5 singles, throwback songs and local Filipino hits). We ended the celebration by lighting out sparklers and mini firecrackers.


After this, my parents and I checked in at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel which is just a few minutes away. There we had the New Year Countdown and watched the fireworks display over the Manila skyline.

First breakfast of the year

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In the morning, I woke up and I didn’t have any voice!! It was because of all the screaming and singing from the night’s events! However, 2016 must keep on going! We went to a buffet for breakfast at The Heat, a restaurant in the hotel. I got a little bit of everything, from meat, to hot soup, to Japanese cuisine, Filipino dishes and continental meals. In order to feel better, I also ordered a cup of hot tea.


We stayed at the hotel until 2 pm, then we went to my grandma’s house to celebrate the new year with my dad’s side. We ate (again), and played Uno with my cousins. Overall, I had for those past days, and I can say that 2016 is off to a good start!


Before I end this post, I would like to share with you my goals for this blog, and as well as my personal goals for the year!

Blogging Goals
1. Get my own domain name.
I really want to take my blog to the next level and I think getting my own domain name will do just that! Having lizellecruz.com would also have a lot of perks!

2. Increase blog traffic.
I would really like to spread my blog more this year! I would want more views, comments and interactions.

3. Monetize my blog.
I would really like to make an income out of this hobby but I’m still not quite sure how yet. I know that I can apply for Word Ads once I get my own domain name, but I think I might try sponsored posts, or get brand sponsors. (Please do comment your suggestions on this!)


Personal Goals
1. Get into college.
I’m attending college in the fall, and I really want to get in a good school. Entrance exams are coming up this month and I hope that I pass everything that I applied for!

2. Be healthy
I want to start being healthy this year! I started by drinking tea every night, and I do hope I have less fat intake for the year. I will also start exercising more often.

3. Attend more gigs.
I do hope I get to attend concerts this year, and wish that my favorite acts would come! (Fall Out Boy, Halsey, please)

4. Travel
I also hope that I get the chance to travel abroad this year with my family!

There you have it! You can also comment your goals for the year, and as well as how you celebrated new year!! Happy 2016 to all of you!


12 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I recommend getting your own domain asap. I have been blogging for 4.5 years but didn’t get my own domain until I was almost 3 years in. Should have done it sooner. And then signed up for Ad sense to start with

  2. I loved reading your posts. Having your own domain is a fab idea. Using your name is also fab idea as it’s something that can continue with time. As for monetising, one good way is to keep creating fab content (on the new domain) and building up backlinks. The higher your domain authority, the more people will come to you for sponsored content and the higher the DA the more they pay. Also sidebar ad’s may be good- which you allready mentioned above. Good Luck!

  3. You have had lots of fun in the past year and hopefully a full year of blogging fun ahead of you. I hope you are able to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

    Getting your own domain name should be on the list. You will have more freedom with your blog should the unthinkable happen.

    Thanks for sharing.

    John @ daddyphotoblog.com

  4. Oh wow, what an amazing dinner that looked like! I`m jealous!! Your photos are beautiful. Good luck with all you hope to achieve this year, I`m sure you’ll be able to tick everything off your list 🙂 Happy new year!

  5. It looks as though you had a wonderful New Years Eve and Day. I hope the rest of 2016 is just as enjoyable for you. Your goals seem very well thought out and achievable. I do recommend getting your own domain name, it makes a great difference when trying to monetize your blog.

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