One Day Getaway

Classes were called off last November 16 to 20 because the Philippines served as the host for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC for short. To make the most of of the mini-break, my family went to Tagaytay on November 20 to feel the fresh cool air of the south and as well as to spend time with one another.

Beef Tapa

The first thing we did in Tagaytay was to have brunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s, a classy restaurant that has breakfast meals for its menu! The ambiance was really aesthetic and lovely.

Smoked Ham with Swiss Cheese Roesti

My dad ordered beef tapa, which is the  Filipino version of dried cured beef. My mom ordered smoked salmon, while I ordered Smoked Ham with Swiss Cheese Roesti. To be honest, the food tasted good, but it was ordinary. I personally think that the customers are paying for the ambiance of the place and as well as the beautiful view you can see from the restaurant.

Breakfast at Antonio’s

Afterwards, we drove to Starbucks at Twin Lakes Tagaytay. This branch of Starbucks is considered to be one of the best in the country because it is accompanied by the breathtaking view of the rest of Tagaytay.

Starbucks at Twin Lakes, Tagaytay

Last stop on our one day getaway is Taal Vista Hotel, which is known to have the best view for the Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world and one of the Philippines’ most popular attractions.

View from Taal Vista Hotel
Top from Cotton On, Pants from Bench, Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios, Watch from Madison, Shoes from Nike

We stopped by to take some pics and as well as to have afternoon snacks at their restaurant, Cafe Veranda.

Cafe Veranda at Taal Vista

I always go to Tagaytay every now and then since it is just a few hours away from Metro Manila, but I never get tired of it because it’s a place where I could just relax with my family, and the magnificent view of the city never gets old. Till my next mini-vacation xx


7 thoughts on “One Day Getaway

  1. Wow what a fabulous mini-break! Tagaytay looks stunning. The view from the hotel & restaurant are amazing. The food all looks delicious too. So glad you enjoyed your visit x

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