How Fantastic is the New Fantastic Four

2005 Fantastic Four vs 2015 Version

7/10 of my Disney Movie Challenge. Fantastic Four is an iconic superhero group that has been made known into the film industry since mid-2000’s. Because of the original movie’s success, Disney and Marvel teamed up and decided to remake the movie with a fresh cast, newly improved special effects, and a somewhat different presentation of the plot. The new Fantastic Four film was released in August 2015. The question is, is the new film as fantastic as the original?

Miles Teller as Reed Richards (left) and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm (right)

The plots for both films are similar: Reed Richards is a science nerd and has a good pal named Ben Grimm. Sue Storm is like Reed and has a stubborn little brother Johnny. When these four were transported to an alternate universe, the radiation they got caused them to have special powers. Reed can stretch himself in any angle, Ben gains immense strength like a rock, Susan can become invisible, and Johnny can burst into flames without getting burnt. The four try to figure out whether they should find a way to get rid of their powers, or use them to help people.

Kate Mara as Sue Storm

On to the differences: In the remake, Reed and Sue just met while in the old one they were exes. As for the plot, the 2015 version seemed dragging and lacked excitement because Fantastic Four only got their powers after more than half of the movie, unlike in the 2005 version, the four got their powers after twenty minutes into the film. I also preferred the original cast, because they added more light and humor into their characters, which is a signature Marvel move. I mean, the original has Ioan Gruffud (Reed), Jessica Alba (Sue), Chris Evans (Johnny) and Michael Chiklis (Ben). Nonetheless, the new cast is okay as well. They’re fresh, young and the brought a whole new vibe to the superhero world.

The Human Torch and the Invisible Woman

Overall, the latest Fantastic Four is good if this is the first version that you would be watching. For those who were fans since the original franchise, I suggest you still watch it for comparison. But based on my review, the latest one isn’t as fantastic.


8 thoughts on “How Fantastic is the New Fantastic Four

  1. I went and watched this new fantastic 4 and I am honestly not impressed at all, 7/10 is too high a rating maybe 5/10 as it was missing what we loved about the original series.

      1. I wish they had just named it something different or even given them different superpowers as then it could have stood as its own movie not a remake

  2. My husband loves fantastic four. I’ve not seen these movies to be honest but i’m now interested after reading your review/comments. Maybe we can have a movie night tonight!

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