The Night Manila Felt the Sweetness


She Will Be Loved. This Love. Misery. Makes Me Wonder. Maps. Sugar. The list goes on and on. Maroon 5 has been making hits for over a decade, and I was really hyped when I was able to watch their fourth concert here in Manila last September 17. The concert was sold out, and I was really stoked that I got tickets to see one of my favorite rock bands live, whose songs will keep you dancing on your feet and stage presence to bring you a whole lot of energy. Click here for more pictures. 

The crowd waiting for the concert to start

It was a Thursday night, and from school, I rushed to the Mall of Asia Arena where the concert was held. I watched with my parents who were fans of the band as well, and we arrived at the venue at around 7 pm, just an hour before the concert. The front act was Dirty Loops, who played some of their original songs. Finally, Maroon 5 entered the stage with their first song “Animals”. Hit, after hit, they performed really well. I think they played 5 songs straight before Adam Levine, the band’s lead singer, started talking.

Adam Levine and James Valentine

Overall, the band was great live, even better than their recorded songs. I just personally feel that Maroon 5 has more of a rock vibe when they perform live, which I love. Adam’s vocals are on point as always, James Valentine’s (lead guitarist)  and Mickey Madden’s (bassist) guitar solos and bass notes are the best, PJ Morton and Jesse  Carmichael (keyboardists) on the piano was superb, and Matt Flynn’s drumming skills are also amazing. To say it briefly, they really work well as a band. Most probably due to their years of experience in performing.


I have never watched a concert with the most hits in one set list (okay maybe Katy Perry too, but Maroon 5 really played pure hits from each album). I really felt excited when Adam and James performed an acoustic version of Lost Stars, which is actually Adam’s song from the movie Begin Again. I really wanted them to perform “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” and “Won’t Go Home Without You” but nonetheless, their set list was still impressive:

  1. Animals
  2. One More Night
  3. Stereo Hearts
  4. Harder to Breathe
  5. Lucky Strike
  6. Wake Up Call
  7. Love Somebody
  8. Maps
  9. This Love
  10. Sunday Morning
  11. Makes Me Wonder
  12. Payphone
  13. Daylight
  14. Lost Stars
  15. She Will Be Loved
  16. Moves Like Jagger
  17. Sugar


I really felt happy that I was able to witness them live. I missed their first 3 concerts here, so getting the chance to watch Maroon 5 live was something to be really grateful for. I wish all the best for this band and I hope that they will come back to Manila for another show!




13 thoughts on “The Night Manila Felt the Sweetness

  1. I am SO jealous, Maroon 5 are one of my favourite bands and i have a serious man crush on Adam Levine, but i am yet to see them in concert. Their live gigs are meant to be amazing. xx

  2. We go to quite a few gigs and I love it when a band is better live. These days a lot of the time they are not great live. Were off the see the Fourteeners in December and hopefully will be great 🙂 x

  3. You lucky thing!! I remember we used to have Maroon 5 on repeat in our store many years ago. Their Album was pure bliss ❤ Come to think about it I think I'm going to play the album today while working 😀
    So glad you had a great time – I would also love to visit the Philippines one day.
    Charlotte x

  4. WOW, I am actually jealous right now. I love Maroon 5 and so does my eldest son. They are supposed to be amazing live

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