Why One Feeling isn’t Enough

6/10 of my Disney Movie Challenge. You know those times when you experience a certain event in  your life, and try to associate it with one feeling? Like all birthday parties are supposed to bring joy, death of a pet brings sadness, betrayal leads to anger, heights bring fears and vegetables lead you to disgust? Why is it necessary to associate something to one emotion? We all know that the complexity of life isn’t enough to suit us one emotion at a time. As humans, we are capable to comprehend all the feelings in the world, so why stick with one right? These thoughts came to my mind when I watched Inside Out a few months ago.

Inside Out is a Disney-Pixar movie, and focuses on Riley, the main character, and what goes on in her mind. The film starts off with Riley as a child and the creation of the first emotion in her brain: Joy. As Riley grew up, more emotions came about, such as Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. These main emotions worked together in order for Riley to react to different situations; but at the end of the day they all wanted Riley to end up happy.

Everything was great, until Sadness started touching Riley’s core memories which led the girl to be lonely, and all her happy memories started falling apart. This led to Joy and Sadness trying to fix everything before it’s too late. In the end, they all realized that it is okay to feel sad because in loneliness we can find comfort, love and eventually, joy as well.

I had a great first impression of the movie because of the lovely graphics. The characters are really cute (Sadness is my fave!! The meaning of her quotes are so sad but I don’t know why I manage to crack up every time she said something in the film). Most importantly, I loved the message that the movie conveyed. Inside Out taught me that one feeling isn’t enough, because the only way to understand our wants, needs and desires is through feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Through this, we learn to feel more complex emotions such as anguish, surprise, melancholy, and so much more. Once we are introduced to all of these sorts of emotions, we develop as a person, and isn’t that what we all want for ourselves?



11 thoughts on “Why One Feeling isn’t Enough

  1. I watched it and I loved the product and I agree it’s not enough to just have one feeling we express all of them in all situations but some are just more prevalent

  2. Perhaps the most influential Disney film in the past decade, Inside Out cleverly explores the depth and breadth of human emotion for a younger audience. I think it is a great way of getting children to talk about their emotions and exploring what it means to be sad or lonely which as an abstract emotion can be hard to explain.

  3. This sounds like a lovely movie but also really important because I think kids sometimes struggle with emotions and don’t understand why things make them feel a certain way. I think it’s also important to everyone to know that’s it’s ok to feel all sorts of different emotions and that we don’t have to be happy all the time.

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