When Walk the Moon Made Us Shut Up and Dance


2015 is the year where indie rock artists and bands rose to fame, and Manila was once again lucky to be able to watch one band whose famous anthem, “Shut Up and Dance” is evidently heard on radios and can be seen on the charts. The band behind this song is Walk the Moon (WTM), and they had a mall tour here in the Philippines last August.


WTM is an Ohio-based indie rock band consisting of members Nicholas Petricca, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman and Eli Maiman. WTM went to 4 malls here, 3 in the north (Glorietta, UP Town Center, Trinoma), and one in the south: Alabang Town Center (ATC). I went to the ATC show which was on August 18 and I still remember that I was rushing to get to ATC from school. I had practice for the pep squad until 5:30, and the show began at 6, but luckily I was able to get to the mall a few minutes before WTM came on stage.

I was greeted with a band filled with energy as they performed their first song called “Jenny” which was from their first album. They sang almost all the songs from their latest record, “Talking is Hard”, and as well as some of their old singles. After performing their encore, which was no other than “Shut Up and Dance”, they said their Thank You’s, took a bow and exited the stage. As I was about to leave the venue, I heard screams as I saw WTM get back on stage and perform another song. A band full of surprises!


Here was the setlist when they performed:

  1. Jenny
  2. Sidekick
  3. Avalanche
  4. Different Colors
  5. Tight Rope
  6. Up 2 U
  7. Work this Body
  8. Portugal
  9. Aquaman
  10. I Can Lift a Car
  11. Shut Up and Dance
  12. Anna Sun

Overall, their stage presence really brought the crowd (and me of course) cheering and dancing along to them, and I bet you, that this act will go a long way. So I recommend that you guys try listening to Walk The Moon’s songs because they might be the next big thing the music industry has to offer.

For more pics of the concert, check out my photo gallery here!


7 thoughts on “When Walk the Moon Made Us Shut Up and Dance

  1. it looks like you had a good time. I once went to a concert but have not really been to too many in a long time! Your post brought back memories! Angela

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