Ant-Man Review: Small but not Terrible

5/10 of my Disney Movie Challenge. 3/10 of my Marvel Movie Challenge. Okay, this post was supposed to be made like 3 months ago. But I have been so busy, as I said in my previous post. However, I am committed to my movie challenge, and for the very few who haven’t watched this movie yet, then hopefully this review would help.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” A common saying but one that everyone should live by. Most of us tend to look at people at the outside, and neglect the person’s characteristics that aren’t visible to the eye. Here’s a story about a special someone who could shrink in size, yet despite being small, can manage to be a hero. This movie is Ant-Man, which premiered in theaters last July.

The film revolves around Scott Lang, a thief who tried to steal something in a house and discovered an old motorcycle suit, which he brought home. When he tried it on, he shrunk into the size of an ant, and his adventure started from there. Scott learned that the suit was designed by a scientist named Hank Pym, who actually chose Scott to be the next “Ant-Man” who will defeat Darren Cross, Pym’s rival who is trying to replicate Pym’s suit. Along the way Scott faced many challenges, such as reconciling with his family, fighting an Avenger (namely, the Falcon), and many more. In the end, Scott Lang proved that size (and a dark past) doesn’t matter, as he leveled up from zero, to hero. As seen in the last part of the movie, it is seen that most probably Ant-Man would be part of the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War (And he’s most probably on Cap’s side too!)

Ant-Man isn’t your typical superhero. He’s not an Iron Man, nor a Captain America. He’s actually a fan boy, as Scott Lang is a known fan of the Avengers. However, his passion in learning how to operate his suit, his sense of humor, and his love for family makes him a worthy Marvel hero, and we Marvel fans, are fortunate enough to see another comic book hero come to life. Overall, the movie has a great story line, with superb special effects and as well as a good mix of funny and serious dialogue.

I really can’t wait to see Scott Lang aka Ant man once again in action in the upcoming Marvel movies as he explores the full potential of his abilities and as well as his interaction with the other Marvel heroes. Till my next review! xx


7 thoughts on “Ant-Man Review: Small but not Terrible

  1. I found the film pretty entertaining (I was more gripped and interested watching it than Avengers: Age of Ultron). I liked the humour Paul Rudd brought to the film, and how different it was from other comic book films. Great review x

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