Melted Crayon Art


So my cousin Gabby and I decided to get a little creative and artsy a few weeks ago. We were making a list of things to do during the summer break and we found something on the internet called “Melted Crayon Art”. We decided to make our own attempt on it and since it was pretty successful, I decided to give you tips and instructions on how to make your own.


The things that you will be needing are:

1. Canvass or any hard board. Canvass is much preferred since you will be leaning it onto a wall. If you used a flat board it could slide off easily.

2. Crayons. Make sure your crayons are enough for the canvass.

3. Hairdryer. If you will do this with a friend, provide one for both of you. It will help make the melting process faster.

4. Glue gun or Mighty Bond to stick the crayons on the canvass.

5. Newspaper to avoid making a mess.


First, you need to stick the crayons on the top part of the canvass. It’s up to you on what color scheme or pattern you would like to have. In our case, we had a rainbow pattern. It is optional to remove the crayon wrappers for the presentation to look cleaner. Then it’s the melting part! Just usse the deyer over the crayons and you’ll see the wax melting and dripping on the canvass! Do this until you reach your desired outcome!

We tried to be artistic for once…melted crayon art with @gabbyriellemrie 🎨

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Easy as 1,2,3! All you have to do now is to share your masterpiece online if you want! My cousin and I are looking forward to our future art projects and creations. Till next time xx


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