Frank Walker (left) and his younger self (right)
4/10 of my Disney Movie Challenge. Everything begins with a dream. A simple desire. A flicker of hope. A dream can start from anything, even from nothing. As long as you believe in it and work hard to achieve it, a dream can become a reality, no matter how impossible it seems to be. This is what the newly released film “Tomorrowland” has taught me. I watched the movie with my parents and cousins last weekend and although the story line was a bit confusing in my opinion and as well as having a slow pace in story telling, the film had its strong points which includes the simple but powerful message it wants to impart to its viewers.

Tomorrowland pin
So what is Tomorrowland about? I’m just gonna explain what happened in chronological order and based from my understanding. In 1964, a young Frank Walker (Thomas Robinson) attempts to join a science fair with his jet pack invention. Apparently it doesn’t function properly, so the head of the fair, David Nix (Hugh Laurie) didn’t let him in.  Devastated Frank, a mysterious girl named Athena (Raffey Cassidy) gives him a pin and instructs him to follow him in the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland. Frank, wearing the pin,  did so and one part of the attraction got his pin scanned and sent him to a secret passageway that led him to a magical place called Tomorrowland. There his jet pack got fixed, he developed his inventing skills, began to work there and he fell in love with Athena. Unfortunately, he got fired by Nix, who was also the director of Tomorrowland by the way, and worst of all, he found out that Athena was a human robot sent out to recruit someone like Frank. A dreamer. Ever since he left Tomorrowland he gave up everything and lived in the middle of the forest.

Casey Newton at Tomorrowland
Fast forward to the present, Athena the robot finds another recruit, Casey Newton (Britt Robertson). Athena slips the pin in Casey’s things and when she got arrested, bailed and got her things back, she saw the pin and when she touched it, she got teleported to Tomorrowland and Casey thought it was the best thing ever. Unfortunately, the pin had an expiration date. And after a long series of events I’m gonna cut this short. So basically, Casey wanted to go back to Tomorrowland. Athena brought her to adult Frank (George Clooney). Casey found out through Frank that the world was ending in 58 days with a 100% chance of it occurring. Surprisingly, Casey’s optimism lowered the probability. Frank, seeing what Casey can do to fix things, brings her and Athena to Paris because apparently, the Eiffel Tower can split in half and launch a rocket that can take you to Tomorrowland in case of an emergency. They found out that Nix wanted to put the fear of the end of the world into the people’s heads, so the trio (Casey, Frank and Athena) managed to figure everything out so with their team work and a little sacrifice (One of the trio dies, not telling who), they managed to “save the world”. Although I’m not really sure if the world was still gonna end in 58 days, but anyways, the film concluded with Casey and Frank creating more robots like Athena in order to send them out to different parts of the world to recruit more dreamers and sneak pins in their stuff, making them enter the virtual reality of Tomorrowland.

You see? That was the best summary I could come up with, And I’m telling you, there’s more to the plot than what I wrote up there. Okay, so the movie was good, but I wouldn’t necessarily label it as great. I mean, sure it has a really creative original plot so kudos to the writers for coming up with a unique story line like that. But in my opinion, the execution of the plot, the way the story was told seemed a little confusing. Too many back stories, too many flashbacks, my parents didn’t get most of the movie! The makers of the film had to consider the kids who were watching this, because it’s Disney! The movie title is a section at a Disneyland theme park! So yeah it wasn’t that comprehensible.

Casey, Frank and Athena at Paris
Another thing would be slow pacing. The movie only began to be exciting when George Clooney appeared, and that only happened after an hour and a half through the film. I swear my cousin and I finished a large bowl of popcorn and nachos together with Coke and we weren’t even near the climax yet. I would consider the film to be dragging. Aside from that, great props, great effects and effective actors. Oh and I do want a Tomorrowland pin of my own.

David Nix and Frank
However, there is one great thing about this film. It opens up the viewers’ eyes to dream. Optimism and hope are the key to a brighter future. And if we learn to dream, and apply a strong belief that we can achieve it, then it can be a powerful thing. So if you are willing to watch a two hour film basically about dreams, go ahead. And that was not sarcastic.


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