March Escapade

Okay so most probably all of you are wondering why I’m writing about something that happened in March, because you know, two months have passed since then. But then I realized I haven’t shared with you guys my first vacation ever since school ended, and it happened at the tropical shores of Anvaya Cove, an exclusive resort in Bataan.

Hat from SM Department Store, Sunglasses from Sunnies, Swimsuit Top from Speedo, Shorts from Forever 21

Our trip lasted for three days, from March 25 until March 27. Anvaya Cove is around a four-hour drive from Manila, so we arrived during the afternoon. It is also an exclusive resort, so you have to be a member or endorsed by a member to be able to get in. Luckily, my aunt is a member.


We first had a dip in the pool. Anvaya has lots of pools! However, we only stayed in one area because we had a chit-chat with our relatives who were with us during the vacation.


When it was getting late, we just stayed to watch the beautiful sunset by the beach.


The next day, we headed for the beach! Yes, Anvaya also has a beach!


My dad and I even went kayaking!


Later that day, we went night swimming at Anvaya’s newly-built sports complex. I was mesmerized the crystal clear water of the pool. It was so clean!


Our last day we had a journey into the woods! We had a ten-minute walk at Anvaya’s Nature Club because my uncle and I we’re going to the ziplining area. It was so fun and I would like to do it again some time! If you want to check out more of my pics, click here.

That it’s for my travel throwback. Till my next trip! xx


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