Mom’s Happy Taste Buds


It was Mother’s Day last Sunday and we didn’t only celebrate it once, not twice but three times! We had a pre-mother’s day dinner, a mother’s day breakfast buffet and a post-mother’s day lunch. Sure enough, these celebrations made my mom feel truly special.


Last Saturday, my parents and I had our Pre Mother’s Day dinner at Mary Grace Cafe. I ordered Smoked Salmon and Cream Pasta (bottom), my dad got the Tomato and Herb Plate which had Grilled Chicken & Orange Salad with Fresh Tomato & Herb Pasta (left), while my mom ordered Pork Tocino with Java Rice and Scrambled Eggs which is a local dish (right).


Next was Mom’s special day! We had a breakfast buffet at The Cafe which was in Hyatt, City of Dreams Manila. The cool thing about the buffet was everything was freshly cooked by the interactive chefs instead of the typical “get-all-you-want-until-it-runs-out” type of buffet.


Monday afternoon it was just me and my Mom. We ate at Yabu which is famous for its Tonkatsu. We ordered the Kurobota Set which is made from the finest pork. So there we have it for Mother’s Day! Hope you guys had an amazing time with your moms too xx


12 thoughts on “Mom’s Happy Taste Buds

  1. Awww, it all sounds and looks lovely and how wonderful celebrating three times! The breakfast buffet sounds like a good idea and it sounds like you and your mum had a lovely time together on Monday, bless you both. xx

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