Living the Teenage Dream in Manila

Katy Perry performing Firework

Katy Perry’s highly-anticipated return to Manila for her Prsimatic World Tour brought me to over excitement on the morning of May 7. Despite the concert starting at 8 pm, my parents and I left home en route to the Philippine Arena which was the venue for the show. With this arena located at Bulacan which is more or less 3 to 4 hours away from us, we had to leave early. And even if this concert resulted to us arriving back home at 3 am, hands down it was the best concert I’ve ever seen. Objectively speaking.

Philippine Arena

Believe me, I watched a number of concerts, but this was my first time at Philippine Arena. We were greeted by Katy Perry booths where we can pose for pictures and buy merchandise for the show. I treated my self to Katy Perry’s cat ears headband and prismatic light wand.

Outfit:Top from Debenhams, Pants from Bershka, Shoes from Converse// Accessories: Cat Ears Headband from Katy Perry’s Merchandise, Sunglasses from Ray Ban, Necklace from Forever 21, Watch from Ice, Bracelet from Local Boutique, Bag from Kipling

The arena was really big. It is considered as the biggest indoor arena in the world actually. I literally cried when I got to my seat because I never expected our view to be that close to the stage. While waiting for the show to start, I also saw a few local celebrities who were gonna watch was well. Then the front act, The Dolls, started performing.


Afterwards it was the moment we were all waiting for. The actual concert started with tribal dancers wearing neon colors dancing to Roar’s intro. Then Katy Perry finally appeared and the loud crowd was singing to her songs. Her first three songs had a prism themed production.

Dark Horse

Next she had an Egyptian themed production…She also picked a lucky member of the audience named “Marty” whom she learned how to speak Filipino. The lucky guy taught her how to say Thank You which was Salamat. Katy was really hilarious because she said ‘Salami’ instead. She also said Mahal Kita (I love you) in a cute and adorable way.

International Smile

Then a cat themed one. She even had a mini fashion show with her back up dancers who were dressed as cats as well.


Afterwards, Katy slowed things down with By the Grace of God, a mash-up of The One that Got Away and Thinking of You, and Unconditionally. It made the hair on my arms straighten up because her voice sounded that good live.

California Gurls

Lastly, she had a neon themed production as she sang her final songs: Teenage Dream and California Gurls. For her encore, Firework, we tried to wear the Prism Vision Glasses which were given for free before the concert. It made the stage light up with prismatic colors. Because it was so beautiful, I decided to put the glasses on top of my phone’s camera lens and it resulted to this:





Katy Perry’s 2015 Concert in Manila is really worth it. With amazing lights, creative props, talented dancers, a lot of costume changes and of course and incredibly wonderful performer with a ton of charisma and dedication to her passion, this made me realize that the Prismatic World Tour is one of the best concerts of a lifetime.

To check out more of my pics from the concert, click here.


13 thoughts on “Living the Teenage Dream in Manila

  1. Oh my! It sounds amazing! And how coold she picked someone from the audience! I love Katy Perry, I heard she’s suppose to be really good live! I can imagine the atmosphere must have been amazing and I am so glad you got to sit near the front, that’s awesome! Glad you had fun. xx

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