Labor Day Weekend Getaway

Taal Church

Last May 2, our family had a spontaneous day trip at Batangas, Philippines. We first went to Taal Town which was considered as the “Vigan of the South”. Why? Just like Vigan, which is a city in Ilocos in the Northern part of Luzon, Taal Town is famous for its old architecture and buildings.

Taal Church Ceiling

We visited the Taal Basilica and it was really breathtaking. With a beautiful dome painting inspired from the one at St. Peter’s Basilica and as well as a magnificent altar with amazing lights, this church is a must-see. It is also the biggest Catholic Church in Asia.

Taal Church Altar
Taal Church Interior

Our next stop was Club Balai Isabel, which is a resort in Talisay, Batangas. We dropped by to eat snacks and drink shake. We also posed for pictures.

Taal Volcano and Binintiang Malaki
Taal Lake
Sunglasses from Sunnies, Top from Penshoppe, Shorts from BNY, Shoes from Airwalk

We also discovered that the famous “Taal Volcano” that we see in pictures is not the real one. In fact, the large mountain range beside the tiny “volcano” is the real one. The usual thing we see is actually called “Binintiang Malaki”.

Club Balai Isabel Entrance


There you have it! Hope you guys find time to also explore the tourist attractions near your place. xx


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