‘Superheroes’ in Manila


Happy to say that I finally saw the band I’ve loved since I was 11 years old last April 17. This band is of Irish descent and is known for their hits “Breakeven”, “Nothing”,  “Hall of Fame”, “Superheroes”, and many more. This band is no other than The Script and they set Manila cheering once again as they held their 3rd concert in the country at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Opening Song: Paint the Town Green

As mentioned, I’ve loved this band for a long time now, 5 years to be exact. However, this was my first time to watch them live and it was definitely an experience to remember.

I never witnessed a band with so much audience interaction. Opening song? They got a bunch of fans from thr VIP section to hold green flags and these people marched with the band members Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power as they all entered from the Patron/VIP entrance of the arena. Typicallu performers enter from the stage? But these 3 defied the odds.

Performing on Stage B

The next hour was a blast. They played all their hits, and in between told stories about themselves and the band. One of my favorite parts of the concert was when they had someone from the audience call an ex of theirs and when the ex pick ups the person has to give the phone to Danny. And someone actually did it and Danny talked to the guy and sang Nothing. It was hilarious.

Danny at the Lowerbox Area

Next suprise of the night? In one song Mark was doing a guitar solo for the intro then out of nowhere Danny entered the lowerbox section of the arena, the section where I was seated. It couldn’t get any better. I also loved the fact that the band asked the security to back off and let the crowd have a great time.


Best of all, their songs leave behind a great message. Before their last song, Hall of Fame, Danny gave us an inspiring message. He encouraged us not to take a video of the last song because nowadays people are focused on their gadgets and the internet and they fade away from interacting with the people around them. He said that we can be the greatest we can be as long as we strive and that’s what they try to do with their music: inspire us with it.


All in all I have never met a band full of suprises in one night and leave a wonderful message behind. The Script’s No Sound Without Silence Tour is an A+ and you guys should grab tickets when they come near you.

To check out more of my pics from the concert, click here.


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