Singapore Diaries: Day 7

Sentosa Sky Ride

Early morning of Day 7 my Dad and I tried the Sky Ride which was found at the Sentosa Sky Line Luge. The ride was basically like a cable car, well except for the fact that instead of a car it was an open bench. I know, scary right? The ride also lasted for 7 minutes. But since I’m writing this post in one piece, my Dad and I survived.

Our photo at the Sky Ride

So all in all it wasn’t that scary. But if you are afraid of heights, I do not recommend this. However, you wouldn’t really feel the height because everything below you are trees and if there weren’t trees, they provided nets. (To keep us safe perphaps?). Over all I loved the ride…I’m pretty sure my Dad can say the same (My Dad hates heights by the way).

Sunglasses from Sunnies, Top from Human, Shorts from BNY, Watch from Ice, Bag from Kipling

Afterwards, we checked out the Sentosa Merlion by day. We already saw it during night time and it was really scary because it’s red at night and its eyes turn yellow which is really creepy.

Trick Eye Museum. Yes, I was served on a platter.

Last agenda of the day we went to the Trick Eye Museum which showed a display of optical illusions and when people pose for a picture the photo appears to be real. It can fool others and make them wonder how on earth they did that. Check out some of our pics below!

Daddy's gone giant
Yes, we climbed a "mountain"
I attempted to be Spider Man and it wasn't that bad.

There ypu have it for Day 7! Here are my previous posts. Signing off!
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