Singapore Diaries: Day 6

Universal Studios Globe

Day 6 in Singapore and we went to Universal Studios (USS) ! This theme park is a must-see in the country and with many sections in the park such as Hollywood, New York,  and Ancient Egypt, USS will definitely make you feel like you’re in the movies .


The first thing you can see once you set foot on USS is the Hollywood area of the theme park. With a big Hollywood sign when you look behind you and as well as famous stars displayed along the sidewalks, it really gives you the Hollywood vibe. We were also able to meet Frankenstein!

Fast and Furious 7 car with Vin Diesel in wax form

Next is New York! Lucky for us we were able to see the Fast and Furious 7 Display which featured two of the actual cars used in the movie! These cars were accompanied by a wax statue of Vin Diesel. Then we rode the Sesame Street Space Chase. It may be for kids, but no one could resist Elmo’s cuteness. Afterwards we saw Marilyn Monroe perform! I was also able to snag a shot with her.

Me and Marilyn
Transformers the Ride

Next, it was Sci-Fi City! I rode the Transformers 3D Ride which was sort of a roller coaster simulation. It was really cool and everything seemed realistic. My parents on the other hand, rode the Accelerator (sort of like the Teacup Ride in Disneyland) while waiting for me in Transformers.

Revenge of the Mummy

Ancient Egypt

Then it was Ancient Egypt! I rode the Revenge of the Mummy which was a high speed roller coaster! It was one of my favorite rides of all time. I also rode Treasure Hunters with my parents which is like Autopia in Disneyland.

Treasure Hunters

Jurassic Park

Next was Jurassic Park! This area really gave me the movie feels and it made me more excited for the upcoming sequel Jurassic World. My dad and I rode the Jurassic Park Rapids and it was really fun! We didn’t get too wet and despite many people warning us of the terrifying drop, personally, the drop wasn’t too scary because it wasn’t vertical (woops spoiler). I also rode the canopy flyer which was sort of a zip line roller coaster.

Puss in Boots Giant Journey

Last area of the theme park we checked out was Far Far Away Land. We tried the park’s latest attraction called Puss in Boots Giant Journey which was sort of a cable car roller coaster. All in all, my experience in USS was very memorable and I look forward to coming back in the future.

Shrek’s Castle

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