Courage and Bravery

2/10 of my Disney Movie Challenge. To check out the first one, click here. Everybody already knows the Cinderella story. A young maiden ends up being a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters. She was forbidden to attend the ball. With the help of her fairy godmother her life turned into a fantasy until midnight. She met the Prince and left her famous glass slipper as she raced against time. The Prince found out that she owned the slipper and they both lived happily ever after. With this knowledge before hand, what made this movie a big hit?

To be honest, I never planned to watch Cinderella in the cinemas. But then again, I remembered that I had this movie challenge so I have to be committed to it and watched it. I mean, it’s the same thing as the original, it’s just using real people and a real setting. But hey, guess what? Good thing I actually watched it because it was one of the most heart-warming Disney films I have seen. Before the actual movie started, there was a Frozen short entitled “Frozen Fever” which was about Elsa’s birthday suprise for Anna despite having a cold. It was cute and hilarious. The song used on the clip, entitled “Making Today a Perfect Day” was so catchy and showed Idina Menzel’s stunning voice once more. To be honest, I like the nee song better than “Let It Go” because of its happier and more cheerful tone.

On to the movie itself, I liked the fact that they stayed with the original plot of the fairytale with very few twists, like Cinderella and the Prince meeting in the woods way before the ball. I also liked the fact that they showed scenes focusing on the Prince and it was a great way to capture the essence of his character. The cast was brilliantly thought out. Lily James is perfect for the role and she was very stunning in the film. Richard Madden was gorgeous and did a magnificent job as the Prince. The movie made me have a celebrity crush on him to be honest. The pair’s chemistry is undeniably strong and it really touched my heart whenever they professed their love for each other.

My favorite parts of the movie would be their dance in the ball and the Prince fitting Cinderella’s glass slipper. The line that was greatly emphasized in the movie was “Have courage and be kind.” This was the principle that Cinderella lived by her entire life and she is a great role model for all of us, whether we’re young or old or whoever we may be, we should always have the courage to do what is right and not be shy and limited in spreading kindness to others, especially to those who have less. From the beautiful scenery of the film to the costumes to the brilliant cast and of course to the strong points and life lessons that the film conveyed, the live-action of Cinderella will be a timeless classic worthy of repeating over and over.


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