On The Road Again Tour


After 13 hours of lining up to buy tickets and almost five years of waiting for them to come, the On The Road Again Tour of One Direction finally made its way to Manila and everyone expected it to be the the best night of their lives.

Well, the day before the concerts (Yes, there were two shows in Manila, the first held on March 21 and the second one on March 22), Manila received tragic news as it turned out that Zayn Malik, 1/5 of the band cannot make it to both Manila shows. It truly saddened all the Filipino Directioners, including myself. I was so devastated by the news that I almost didn’t want to go to school that morning. Anyways, still having the thought that it was definitely way better and very fortunate for me to be seeing 4 of the boys, of course I still went to the concert and it was indeed the best. night. of. my. life.

Waiting for 4/5 to come out…

The concert was held at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds and I attended the first show with my mom and my friends. We got our tickets from the launch held last May 23 and we were lucky enough to be seated at the Diamond section, the section after VIP. We were at the grounds at around 5 pm and after solving the issue with our tickets (Our row was in numbers instead of letters so the management had to clarify with their system where we were supposed to be really seated.), we were finally in the venue. There were lots of food stalls to choose from and there were also booths selling 1D merch. When it was around 7, the front act, DJ KC energized us with his cool mixes and made us pumped up for the concert itself. After one hour of dancing with DJ KC, the boys finally appeared with “Clouds”.


All in all Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall sang around 23 songs and it was really worth watching. They sounded perfect live and the fact of simply seeing 4 of my idols right in front of me really made me super happy and cry tears of joy. The things they said and did in between and during songs were also hilarious and priceless, such as Harry saying he wanted to arrest all of us for standing on the chairs which weren’t allowed, or anytime one of them would say “Manila” with their accent. Standing on a monoblock chair for 2 hours just to get a good glimpse of them and making my arm numb just to take a video of the entire concert was really worth it and the concert is a memory I would cherish forever.


The concert was definitely a blast though it would have been perfect if Zayn was with them. After hearing the news the other day, I am pretty sure that every fan out there is mourning. Let me share with you that I was shocked when I first heard the news of Zayn quitting the band. I just woke up and my friend texted me the link of the announcement. My heart shattered and I couldn’t do anything serious that day. We were on vacation, but my mind couldn’t quite enjoy the beach in front of me because of the news. Until now I still couldn’t accept that fact and I’m sure you guys also feel the same way. I will never look at One Direction as a quartet and they would always be 5 boys no matter what happens. Let us be there for each other and let us continue to support Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis to the best that we can because that is what they all need right now. Let us also just hope and pray that we will see 5/5 soon, because we never know when a miracle might happen.

To check out more of my pics from OTRAT Manila Day 1, click here.


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