A record-breaking album with a whole new vibe, I didn’t really expect Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 to be a huge hit to be honest. I mean, she’s technically a country/pop-country artist and I wasn’t able to imagine how she could pull off a pure pop record. Till I listened to the album of course. First things first, I wasn’t a Swiftie. Yeah sure I admire her song-writing skills and I thought some of her songs were pretty good. (The Story of Us and I Knew You Were Trouble were my faves.) But I wasn’t really a fan of any country music, I’m more into songs of the rock or pop rock genre. I don’t even like listening to super “pop-ish” records to be honest, but after finding out about the huge success of 1989, I downloaded the album and started listening. Well guess what? I’m a Swiftie now. Here’s a track-by-track review of 1989.

1. Welcome to New York

This is the first track from the album. I was casually reading a book when I started to listen to this track. When the first note played, I froze and I was like “Woah.” I was shocked because I was expecting full-on pop tunes. But what I heard was slightly unique. Yes, it used a few synthesizers and electronic sounds, but Taylor’s definition of pop turned out to be new, fresh and different. I really like the rhythm of the song, even though I was slightly disappointed by the repetition of the line “Welcome to New York” a lot of times. I know Taylor can write better than that. Nonetheless I like the whole vibe of the song and it makes me want to go to New York and strut around 5th Avenue while listening to this.

2. Blank Space

Got a long list of ex-lovers They’ll tell you I’m insane But I got a blank space baby And I’ll write your name

The 2nd single from the album which was only released a few days ago, Blank Space, from my interpretation, is about how the media perceives Taylor’s love life, as she’s known for dating from one guy to another. I really like the message of the song and the meaning behind it. I liked the fact that Taylor made humor out of the criticisms that she gets and made them into a song. I also appreciated the rhythm and I thought the music video was pure genius.

3. Style

I really love the intro of this song. For me, it’s more a pop rock rhythm rather than pure pop which made me like this song a lot. The mix of instruments were also pretty awesome.

4. Out of the Woods

This is the second song I’ve heard from 1989 since Taylor released it after Shake it Off. At first I didn’t like the song because for me it sounded so electronic and auto-tuned, but after repeatedly listening to it, I started to like it already and I also appreciated Taylor’s song-writing skills in this one.

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay

This is one of my fave songs from the album. It has meaningful lyrics  because it talks about commitment. The beat is really cool and just my type-not too “pop-ish” with the right amount of electronic sounds.

6. Shake it Off

‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake I shake it off, I shake it off

Taylor’s first single from the album. When I first heard this, I didn’t accept the fact that Taylor was becoming a pop artist. But then I listened to the lyrics, and it was inspirational to be honest. It’s about shaking off what other people say, which is something that everyone should learn. Also, let’s just say I got down with it’s sick beat.

7. I Wish You Would

The song has a cool beat and I’m really in love with the chorus of it.

8. Bad Blood

The song that is rumored to be about Katy Perry, Bad Blood is about Taylor’s former friend who now has bad blood with. The song is very relatable especially for people who have rivals or people they had fights with. The rhythm also made the song sound like an anthem.

9. Wildest Dreams

With a haunting sound and meaningful message, this song is one of my faves from the album.

10. How To Get the Girl

As my favorite song from the album, I really loved the use of a guitar in this song. It’s the Taylor that I know, but modified with a bit of pop sounds.

11. This Love

This song is a bit slower which I really loved.

12. I Know Places

The sound is a bit haunting at the start, but it was so artistic (Well it was co-produced by Ryan Tedder.) The lyrics are cool too.

13. Clean

The beat of the song is really cool. One of my faves from the album.

14. Wonderland

We found wonderland You and I got lost in it And we pretended it could last forever

The start of the song is really enchanting. It gives you the Alice in Wonderland feels. Then I liked it when the song became upbeat in the verses.

15. You Are in Love

You can hear it in the silence, silence You can feel it on the way home, way home You can see it with the lights out, lights out You’re in love, true love You are in love

Great lyrics. Great message. Can’t say anything else.

16. New Romantics

Cause baby I could build a castle Out of all the bricks they threw at me And every day it’s like battle But every night with us is like a dream Baby we’re the new romantics

Great album finisher. Overall, I really loved the new album. I also admire Taylor for being clever as she got famous producers to help her create it. (Max Martin and Ryan Tedder are two of the bests.) Now I understand why this album hit the charts right away. With a new tone and fresh new vibe, I’m pretty sure Taylor will stick around for a long time. (And I can’t wait for the tour.)


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