Meeting the Grimmie


Hey guys I’m really sorry for not updating for a long time. We had a ton of school work for the past months so I didn’t have time to update my blog. I know that it’s already late but I would still like to take this opportunity to share with you all my experience last August when I met Christina Grimmie.

Some of you may know Christina Grimmie as “that girl from The Voice”, but most of you might not know that she’s been doing pretty cool covers on YouTube for a long time and she’s been a front act for Selena Gomez before. For the past years her fan base, “Frands” as she calls them, has grown and luckily her Filipino Frands were very lucky to watch her rawk the stage last October 4 and 5 at the different Ayala Malls around Metro Manila, namely, Alabang Town Center and  Glorietta on the 4th and Trinoma on the 5th. Some even got special meet and greet and CD signings after the concerts.

Christina Grimmie Soundcheck

In order to get tickets for her mall shows, you either had to be one of the first 300 people to spend Php1000 on stores located in the respective malls or be one of the first 100 people to purchase Grimmie’s album which was worth Php500. The first 100 people who purchase Php1000 get a regular ticket and a meet and greet stub (I’m not sure if this is accurate though, I just heard this from the concierge in Glorietta.) Those who buy a CD get a regular ticket and a CD signing stub. People who join the IDEAYALA Summit in Glorietta on the 4th get VIP tickets and those who won IDEAYALA’s ticket giveaway got VIP tickets as well.


I joined the giveaway for the Glorietta Show and luckily I was one of the 15 winners of 2 tickets for the show. IDEAYALA just tweeted a few questions about Christina Grimmie and they selected the winners randomly. Knowing I already had tickets, I was informed that a meet and greet or CD signing stub was not included in the prize package, I still had to wake up early and line up at Glorietta during the early morning of October 4.

Lining up at Glorietta

After lining up, I got two CD signing stubs (to be used by me and my cousin Gabby) while my parents used uo the two regular tix that came with the CD. I also claimed my pair of VIP tickets which I won from IDEAYALA and I stopped by their summit as well (And my attendance in the summit got me another VIP ticket. Lol.) So by 6 pm, my 2 cousins and I enjoyed the first row luxuries of Grimmie’s concert and Gabby and I were very lucky to meet her and get our CDs signed. Here are the pics:





Meeting Christina
Signed CD

I suggest that you guys check out her YouTube Channel “zeldaxlove64” and maybe in due time you might be fan just like me.


One thought on “Meeting the Grimmie

  1. I am writing now about the recent tragedy that happened to Christina. I was in complete shock when I found out that she was shot, more so when I found out that she has passed. Christina is a really talented singer with a pure heart and a deep faith and no innocent life deserves to be taken away just like that. All my prayers go to her.

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