To Stay or not to Stay?

What if you already had a happy life? A perfect family, a loving boyfriend and a bright future ahead of you? Then all of a sudden these things are worthless because of a fatal accident. But what if you were given a choice? What if you were given a chance to live? To survive and do all the things you need to do?

But living comes with a price. Your family didn’t make it so it’s just you. If you live, you’re gonna be an orphan, but at least you have your boyfriend, relatives, closest friends and a career. But if you die, you’re with your mom, dad and little brother. Would you sacrifice everything and choose to die? Or would you rather live for love? This was the life-changing decision 17 year old Mia Hall had to make in the novel-turned-movie “If I Stay”.

Mia had it all, but when a fatal accident hits her and her family, she had an out-of-body experience, so she can see what is happening after the tragedy. She had a day to decide if she stayed or not, and this caused her to have flashbacks of the good and bad times in her life. Mia lived in a family of rock stars. However, Mia was a classical musician. She was an exceptional cello player and her incredible talent gave her an opportunity to audition for Julliard, a prestigious music school in New York which is miles away from her hometown Portland. This dilemma causes Mia and her boyfriend Adam Wilde, the lead singer of Portland’s resident band Willamette Stone (movie)/Shooting Stars (book), to have some quarrels and disagreements. In the end, it was Adam at her hospital bed, begging her to stay as Mia watches in the background.

I wouldn’t say if Mia stayed or not, that is for you guys to find out. A story filled with with hope, love and sacrifices, Gayle Forman’s moving novel (Which I loved so much that I finished it in a span of eight hours), was captured perfectly on the big screen. The lead characters, with Chloe Moretz as Mia and Jamie Blackley as Adam, had natural chemistry on-screen and put their roles into life. It was exactly how I imagined the book visually so it was an excellent job on behalf of the directors and producers of the film. Last but not the least, the songs used in the film were so good, and Jamie Blackley is actually a great singer. From the characters to the actors to the soundtrack and especially the plot, If I Stay is one of the best and most touching films that I’ve watched this year and I hope that you guys can also see the beauty of this movie.


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