15th Birthday Cake

So last Friday I turned a year older. I have finished another chapter in my life and I’m now 15. It was a typical day in school, well my classmates, teachers and friends greeted me of course. But other than that it was a normal day, or so I thought. When I came to class, they all greeted me and one of my classmates handed me a Hershey’s Kisses Rose. I thought that the rose was her present for me so I gladly accepted it. Then my class adviser handed me another rose of the same kind and it weirded me out.

Then during our Music class, our teacher asked who among us wanted to perform for that day, so 2 of my best friends raised their hands and went in front. They said that they dedicated the song “All of Our Stars” by Ed Sheeran to me. It was really sweet, but it was more than a simple song number. They played a video presentation, with group pics of our clique, with my other 2 best friends who are in the other section singing the song, and my other best friend who moved to another school playing the guitar. In the music room, as each line of the song goes on, one of my close friends stood up and sang a line. It was really funny and thoughtful of them and I really appreciated it. Oh and what’s even funnier? My music teacher gave me another chocolate rose!

15 Chocolate Roses

So at the end of the class hours I received 7 chocolate roses. Then one of my best friends started acting strange. She asked me to accompany her to different places and all that stuff. Then when my mom finally picked me up she acted weird too. Oh, and she gave me a rose! And when I went home to change my clothes, my mom told me to go downstairs amd bring my 8 roses with me. She said that my ‘grandparents’ are coming to pay me a visit and I should show them my roses. Nice alibi Mom. As I opened the door I found a 9th rose on the floor, so I picked it up. And when I went down, I saw my six best friends, each holding a rose and screaming Happy Birthday. Yup. Best Birthday Ever.


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