From Macau to Hong Kong (5-14-14)


Classes are suspended which makes this the perfect opportunity to catch up on my pending blog posts. So remember when I posted about the first three days of my vacation in Macau? If you don’t here are the links!  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3



Now I shall proceed to Day 4 of our trip! It was our last day in Macau. We saw the sights one last time through our shuttle, provided by our hotel. We wen t to the Ferry Terminal to get to Hong Kong. We got Super Class seats for Turbo Jet, meaning we got free food and stayed at the upper deck of the ferry.

Ferry Tickets
Upper Deck of the Ferry

The ride lasted for around an hour, so I just ate the food provided (Seafood Pasta) and read my book. (I was reading “The One” by Kiera Cass. I might post a review. Might.) Finally we reached HK. It was our 2nd time to visit the place, so we already knew a few places there. We took a taxi to Langham Place Hotel in Mongkok. That was our hotel during our stay there. The hotel is attached to a 15-floor mall and it’s beside the MTR station too. Plus, the hotel’s beside the night markets, the best feature of Mongkok.

First glimpse of Mongkok
Langham Place Hotel Logistics Area
Hotel Lobby

By the way, I was actually sick during this time, so I was lucky that our hotel room was super comfortable since I stayed there the entire afternoon resting.

hotel room
Me posing at our hotel window
View of Mongkok

During the night, I felt a little better so I went out with my Dad to explore the huge mall. There were a lot of restaurants, and tons of stores! I even bought a new pair of Dr. Martens boots.

Entrance to Langham Place Hotel from the mall
Langham Place mall
My new Dr. Martens boots

So there you have it! Fourth day! Even though I was sick, I still think I made the best out of it. So I’d really recommend for you guys to try Langham Place Hotel during your next HK trip. If you decide on another hotel, don’t forget to check out the mall then. Till the next post!


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