A Year Without Cory

Cory Monteith was a Canadian actor known for his role “Finn Hudson” on the hit series Glee. He was 31, such a young man with a good heart. Unfortunately, he passed away last year. It’s been 365 days since Cory’s passing, and I remember how I found out like it was just yesterday.

It was July 14 here in the Philippines, July 13 in Canada. I think it was around 1 pm here. I was studying for my upcoming tests that week, when I had this instinct that I should check Twitter. I didn’t know why, but I just had a feeling something was up. So I picked up my phone and checked. My timelime was full of tweets with the hashtag “RIP Cory Monteith”. You know what I did? I laughed. I laughed because I didn’t believe any of it. I thought it was a hoax. But curiosity took over me so I still clicked the hashtag. The results were shocking. Tweets from ENews, CNN, every official news account you can think of. I was wrong. The news was legit. Cory ( I still have a hard time saying this to be honest.) was dead.

I was shocked. I was speechless. I forgot about my exams. I just stayed in my chair, and let the tears fall. I know most of you are probably wondering why I’m so affected by this news. Cory didn’t know me. But I knew him. He’s my favorite actor, and he’s such a great man full of potential. He had his struggles. He had his sufferings. But despite those he had so much optimism and inspired many people around the world. Losing Cory was like losing an idol. He was my idol. I even considered him a hero. He was a hero because he accepted himself for who he was. He knew his flaws and he wasn’t ashamed of them. Instead, he always had this big smile on his face and continued to do what he loved.

The past year has been hard for my inner Gleek. I cried whenever I listened to old Glee songs and when I watched past seasons of the show, as well as Cory’s movies. Watching the 5th season of Glee was weird. It felt like there was something important missing. That’s when I was certain that Cory is Glee. He’s the foundation of the show. Everything always went back to him. I realized that Glee might be actually nothing without him.

The tribute episode was the hardest. All my memories of Cory and Finn came back. It was October when the episode was aired, 3 months after the tragic news. I haven’t moved on by that time. I still thought that he was here, but sadly that was just part of my fantasy.

I know that I can’t do anything. We never know our own fate. But I think Cory didn’t need to die. He had a big career ahead of him. But what happened happened. The only thing we can do now is to stay strong and remember all the good things he did in his 31 years of existence.

So Gleeks, don’t cry too much. Don’t be too depressed. I know it’s hard, but the best thing for us to do is to let go and move on. I’m pretty sure Cory wants that too. So just let this day be a reminder of someone very dear to us and let us continue to live our lives doing what we love, because I’m pretty sure our big guy up there wants the best for us, and he will always watch over us 🙂 #1YearWithoutCory


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