CoHF: The Rollercoaster Novel

City of Heavenly Fire is the epic conclusion to Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments Series. In this book, Clary and her friends try to stop her evil brother Sebastian from letting Shadowhunters all around the world drink from the Infernal Cup, another version of the Mortal Cup but instead of turning mundanes to Nephilim, the Infernal Cup turns Shadowhunters into the “Endarkened”. Lots of challenges and obstacles also come their way as they fight to rescue their loved ones, mend broken relationships, try to remove the heavenly fire from Jace, save and restore peace in the Shadow World and know their true identities. The book is also a cross-over of Clare’s other series as we meet characters from The Infernal Devices and The Dark Artifices.

I would not give out much spoilers, but I would say this. Some people might think that this book is just a matter of good vs evil or heaven vs hell, but CoHF has a much deeper meaning. This book has taught me so many things about friendship, betrayal, love and most of all, sacrifice, because doing something for your loved ones comes with a price, and it may not be good, but we are willing to do them anyway if it’s for the common welfare of others. I know that Clare said that six characters we know by name will die, the three being main characters. This is very true, but honestly, I expected that more important people will be killed. Clare had an interesting choice of characters to be killed. Oh, and I do agree with her that CoHF had the saddest happy ending ever.

I really love this book because it can give you so many emotions all at once. I really admire how Clare made me cry hard on one page, then made me laugh when I turned it. CoHF is one rollercoaster of a book: It has suspense, comedy, tragedy, romance, friendship and a lesson that we can all apply to our lives someday. It’s a total package. This page-turner is definitely a must read for all of you.


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