Macau Diaries (5-13-14)

The Venetian’s European design

Hey guys! Sorry for the super duper late update on our Macau trip. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we came back, but I’ve been so busy. I’ll try my best to post all the things we did before school starts. School begins next week, so expect me to post during weekends by then. For now I present to you our third day in Macau!

Day 3: Hotel Hopping! Each hotel in Macau has its own special feature so my parents and I decided to explore these attractions.

The Venetian Architecture
View of the Venetian from the Gondola
My mom and I with our gondolier, Ramon.
The Gondola Ride

1. The Venetian Macau

The Venetian is known for its European-like structure and architecture. It’s also famous for its indoor Gondola ride, something you shouldn’t miss. The Gondola ride will make you feel like you’re in the canals of Venice. The Gondoliers are very accommodating, and they sing for you as well. The hotel is also connected to the mall so you can always walk around and check out the shops. (The boutiques are high-end, so the items and clothes may be expensive.) One thing I love about The Venetian is that their rooms are so huge. All the hotel rooms are suites and it will definitely make you feel like a royal. This is the hotel where we stayed so for further info and more pics of The Venetian, check out this link.

Sands Cotai Central Exterior
Entrance to Sands via the bridge-way
Holiday Inn Lobby

2. Holiday Inn at Sands Cotai Central

Holiday Inn is connected to the Venetian, so we just passed the bridge-way that led to the hotel. Like The Venetian, Sands Cotai Central is attached to a mall. The special attraction at Holiday Inn (Part of Sands Cotai Central) is the “Shrekfast”, wherein the kids and kids at heart can have a buffet breakfast with characters from DreamWorks. If you don’t want to avail of the breakfast, as the package is a little pricey, you can catch the characters walking around the lobby of Holiday Inn. Being first timers, we availed of the Shrekfast. Here’s our experience.

City of Dreams Exterior
The animated mermaid at City of Dreams

3. City of Dreams

We only passed by this hotel because it’s near the bus station, but we saw some cool features as well, like the big dragon at the lobby and the animated mermaid that appears every 5 minutes. I also heard that City of Dreams holds the Bubble Show and the famous House of Dancing Water, so better check these shows out when you go to Macau.

Wynn Hotel Lobby
View from Wynn Hotel






4. Wynn Hotel

Wynn Hotel is at the other side of Macau, but not to worry, public buses and taxis are very accessible around Macau. Wynn Hotel is famous for its fountain shows, held outside the lobby. The fountain shows have 3 sets that occur alternately every 15 minutes. The first is accompanied by soothing Chinese music, the second by “Holding Out for a Hero” (My personal favorite, since it involves fire.), and the third by “Colors of the Wind”. My cousin said that there’s also a Tree of Fortune Show held inside the hotel but unfortunately, we weren’t able to watch it when we were there. Next time, perphaps.

Galaxy Hotel Exterior
Crystal Lobby
Diamond Lobby
Diamond Show

5. Hotel Galaxy

Hotel Galaxy is really cool and modern. It has two lobbies, the Crystal Lobby which features colorful crystals that light up every five minutes, and the Diamond Lobby that hosts the special “floating diamond’ show every fifteen minutes. Judging from the lobbies alone, I was really impressed with this hotel.

Four Seasons Exterior
Display at the Lobby
Four Seasons Lobby

6. Four Seasons Hotel

Last but not the least, Four Season Hotel. It may not have any unique attractions, but the peace and serenity surely makes up for it. Its exclusivity makes it one of the finest hotels in Macau. (And one of the most expensive as well) Also, this hotel is kid friendly as it is one of the few hotels in Macau without a casino. It’s a hotel where you’ll absolutely feel relaxed.

Now there you have it! You’ll surely have a place to stay in if you decide to take a vacation in Macau, I already gave you six options! Till the next post! xx


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