TFIOS Movie Review

The Fault In Our Stars is a romance/drama movie that hit theaters recently. It’s based on a novel of the same name written by John Green. The story is about Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, 2 cancer patients who fell in love when they met in support group. Faced with love, fear and obstacles, TFIOS is one of the grestest romance novels for teens and it is a great choice for a film adaptation.

I had the privilege of watching the movie last weekend and it was amazing. I wouldn’t give out any spoilers, just my honest opinion. I still think the book is better, I mean, the book is always better in any film adaptation right? But I have to say, the writers and producers made the movie as faithful to the book as possible. The scenes were well portrayed and Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort are perfect for the role. Even Nat Wolff, who played Isaac was really good. They all captured the essence of their characters. The emotional scenes really made me cry inside the cinema!

If I will be asked if the movie can stand alone without the book, I will definitely say yes. The movie was only out for a few days, but I think it’s gonna be huge and I am willing to watch it again and again, just as Hazel and Gus never stop saying “Okay” to each other. I know that this post may be short, but that’s because TFIOS is a really great movie that it’s beauty cannot be expressed in mere words, and despite the sad theme, it is definitely worth your time and your tears. (I advice you to bring a tissue, a handkerchief and a shoulder to cry on when you watch it.)

P.S. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post anything in a while. I have been super busy. I’ll try to post as often as I can, especially before school starts. Yes, I haven’t forgotten about my Macau Diaries posts. xx


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