A Very Special Day for Mom

Mother’s Day is the time of the year where we try creative ways to make our moms feel special. It sort of becomes an obligation, but it shouldn’t. That special something should be a present that she’ll treasure forever. I remember the time when I was about 3 years old and I learned about Mother’s Day then. I always asked my mom to buy beads for me then I would make a bracelet for her though it was either too big or too small for her anyways.

I was a kid back then, so I thought that I screwed Mother’s Day up because I had a stupid gift. But my mom told me that the bracelet didn’t matter. It was the thoughtfulness that a small 3 year old girl like me can think of something that big to make her feel proud of being a mom. So you might be asking why I’m sharing this with you? I would just like you to know that you don’t need to come up with something fancy to celebrate Mother’s Day. A simple gesture would do, such as making a card, posting a pic of you guys on Instagram, or just a simple hug. These things can surely make them feel special because the joy of Mother’s Day is for our moms to spend their time with us, the very reason why they are celebrating this occasion.


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