32 Great Things About Cory Monteith

Now that it’s Cory Monteith’s 32nd birthday I would like to take this opportunity to share with you guys 32 great things about him:

32. He is perfectly normal. He’s just like us. He makes funny faces and keeps everything weird and typical.

31. He’s handsome. If you don’t think so go see a doctor.

30.  He has a charming personality. Whether he’s in an interview or talking to a fan, everything he says makes you smile.

29.  He has great potential. Before he was on Glee he didn’t know how to sing or act well and that shows how much of a fast learner he is. If only he was still here today he would have been much much more talented.

28. He gives very inspirational quotes.

27. He’s a good adviser, both in Glee and real life.

26. He hates paparazzi. Too bad he can’t hide from them

25. He loves his fans. And we will always love him back.

24. He is kind-hearted.

23. He is generous. No matter how famous he got he never forgot to give back.

22. He is willing to do anything….like putting on that ridiculous costume.


21. He is humble. He is aware of his own flaws and accepts them as a part of him.

20. He’s fun…well he is Glee so he better be fun. But he really is…

19. He’s caring. He cares about Glee. He cares about Lea. And he cares about us. The only people he doesn’t care about are the haters.

18. He has a good sense of humor.

17. He is very protective, in a good way.

16. He’s a good perfect boyfriend.

15. He has a sweet smile. Take a look for yourself.

14. He’s an awful dancer but dances anyway.

13. He’s a great actor.

12. He’s a great singer.

11. He’s one of the best drummers ever.

10. Everyone enjoys his company.

9. He is proud to be awkward and super tall.

8. He brings life to Glee.

7. He saw hope in himself. I know he did. We all know he did.

6. He works for charity.

5. He is honest and open about everything.

4. He sees the good in everyone.

3. Optimistic.

2. He accepts himself for who he is.

1. He is a brave and courageous man. He faced the obstacles in his life and didn’t hide away from them. He was open about his drug problem. He even sent himself to rehab because he wanted to get better. Other people might wonder why we support him. They might say “He’s an addict!” but you know what? I don’t really care because I believe that good things overcome bad ones and Cory is a good man and his legacy will live on for a long time.

I’m pretty sure you have more things to add to this list but for now I’ll stick with these 32. I saw all the greetings on twitter and I’m positive thst our big guy is definitely happy up there.


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