Travel Essentials


So in my country, it’s already summer and sadly it’s about to end, but for you guys, most probably summer’s just right around the corner…so whether it’s about to end or start, we all agree that we have to make summer worth it and one way to have a fun summer is to travel, whether it’s to the nearest beach or out of the country, everybody loves to travel. So for this summer, my family and I will have a vacay in Macau for 3 days, followed by another 3 days in Hong Kong…I’ll try my best to keep you guys posted on the adventures to come, but for the mean time, I wrote this short guide about travel essentials.

So basically when you travel, you have to pack. Basic necessities are clothes, shoes, passport, plane tix, etc. You guys already know that, so here are the few extras that I always bring to my travels and I would like to share them with you….


1. A notebook and pen

You never know when you need to jot important things down, such as directions! Of course you wouldn’t want to get lost in a foreign country! And who knows? You might meet celebs and ask for an autograph!


2. At least one pair of sunnies
Good for the beach, good for walking outdoors, and you’re gonna look good in the pics! Don’t wear them in the airport tho, people might suspect things…



3. A good book
Great for relaxation, and also a great thing to do is read while waiting for boarding time at the airport! In my case I will bring Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo and The One by Kiera Cass. Here’s my article about Heaven is For Real


4. Comfy headphones…
They work great at the plane! And you look cool haha


5. Foreign Money (Depends on where you’re going tho)
Look, I know that when you reach another country there are tons of money exchange shops…and you can always use a credit card…But it’s still good to bring in some bucks before you leave…like in my case…we already have a thoudand HK dollars ready.


They are a must. They have everything. A GPS, Map, Internet, Communication and of course a camera to document those precious moments.

There you have it! Hope you found this article really helpful. Hope you guys have a happy summer! 🙂


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