Pre-Mother’s Day Date with Mom

So my mom and I decided to get our hair and nails done at a local salon in our place. We decided to do this since the salon had a special discount for moms and daughters that day and plus, we’ll look pretty in our vacation pics.

My nails

So we both had a hair cellophane, my mom had the lighy brown/blonde color while I got the copper/blonde one. For manicure I got neon pink nails while my mom got french tips. (My mom doesn’t want me to take a pic of her hair and nails lol)

My newly colored hair

Afterwards we had early dinner at Cafe France, a local restaurant. My mom ordered Seafood Marinara while I ordered the Club Sandwich with Shrimp Pesto.

Our orders
Club Sandwich with Shrimp Pesto
Seafood Marinara

Just wanted to share this with you guys because I know that you all want to make Mother’s Day special so I would suggest that a simple hangout like this will surely put a smile to your moms’ faces. 🙂


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